Monday, October 30, 2006

checking in...

With the bean occupied with a garishly-coloured mobile toy in his moses basket behind me I thought I should at least briefly check in to say that I haven't completely disappeared! So first of all, thank you all so much for the many well-wishes I got from everyone. I had no idea there were even that many people reading this blog!! At some point in the future I will attempt to answer all the comments (or at least those where I can find an email address) personally, but for now, a big fat THANK YOU to you all. :-)

Secondly, a particular thank you to Sherrill, who sent me a beautiful knitted baby cardigan which the bean has already worn. I still haven't got round to photographing it, but I remember Sherrill posting a picture of it a while back... She also included a pack of baby onesies, which are great! Thank you so much Sherrill!!

Thirdly, another particular thank you to Jane, who sent me a really cute baby hat, which even spells 'BEAN'! Thank you Jane, the hat is great and I am sure we will use it a lot this winter!

I am also aware that I still haven't posted a picture of our little bean, so to make up for that, here he is, big bum and all! ;-)

Other than that, there isn't all that much to report. Life with a brand-new bean continues to be both wonderful and rather hard work. I still don't get more than around 5 hours of interrupted sleep each night, but my body seems to adjust to it, so I don't feel quite as sleep-deprived as I did in the first two weeks. I am also more mobile now, so I have been trying to leave the house most days. The bean is doing great too and has already put on quite a bit of weight. We are starting to get the first smiles now!

There has been some knitting, but not much, so I will save it for a later post.

Right, and now I'm off to get the parcel for the One-Yard-Fabric-Swap ready - last minute as ever!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Public Service Announcement

Well, not really, but I thought I'd quickly post to say that the Bean is finally here.

He arrived a few days before his due date on Tuesday 26th September 2006 at 10.37 am after a 9 hour labour. The birth was thankfully smooth and natural, even though he was heavier than I had anticipated - 8 llb 7 oz. D and I are completely in love with him.

Bean and I were able to leave the hospital the next afternoon and have been at home since, but because I am existing in a bit of a sleep-deprived haze right now and because every time I sit down at the computer Bean demands to be fed I don't seem to get round to even answering any emails, never mind update the blog! I have hope that as things settle down into a bit more of a routine it will get better!!

I should resurface in a week or so (I hope), but for now I am off to sleep...