Thursday, November 23, 2006

One Yard Fabric Swap - the Update

I am resurfacing from the ocean of baby-dom to finally post an update - on my life, and on the One Yard Fabric Swap, which, as far as I can see from the blog entries, has been fun. I think by now most people have received their swap parcels, although I know that some of you are still waiting and/or haven't posted about their parcels yet. Hopefully those few missing parcels are on their way to their new owners by now. I, for one, received the most fabulous parcel just this morning. It came from Caro of Splityarn, all the way from Texas!

Such a cute card:

The haul:

Bibs, made by Caro:

She sent me two bibs, sewn by her in the most gorgeous fabrics, a piece of japanese fabric which is just beautiful, some stitch markers with the G and the O of Green Onion, and some Mision Falls merino wool in a lovely blue / green colour. Thank you so much Caro, I'm thrilled!!

And here is the list so far of all the posts with swap pictures that I have been able to find, in gifting order:

Caitlyn was gifting Penny, who blogs about the parcel on 2nd November 2006 (no perma-link).

Penny prepared a parcel for Amanda, who shows her haul HERE.

Amanda was gifting Elizabeth, who writes about it on 14th October 2006 (again, couldn't find a permanent link).

Elizabeth was sending a parcel to Bekka, who blogs about it HERE.

Bekka was gifting Katie, who blogs about the parcel HERE.

Katie was gifting Gem (Jess' mum), who sent me a photograph and a thank you to post on this blog, but I have since seen that she has hijacked Jess' blog to post her thank you there. The post is HERE.

Gem in turn was sending a parcel to Sherrill, who blogs about it on Tuesday 2nd November 2006 (couldn't find a permanent link to the post).

Sherrill was gifting Caro, who shows us the contents of the parcel HERE.

Caro was gifting Iris, who blogs about it in this very post ;-).

Iris was gifting Zonda, who blogs about the parcel in her post of 6th November 2006 (again, no perma-link)

Zonda was gifting Joyce, who shows her parcel HERE.

Joyce was gifting Kaye, who shows the contents of the parcel HERE.

Kaye was sending a parcel to Jess, who is still waiting for it to arrive.

Jess was in turn gifting Diane, who is also still waiting for her parcel to arrive.

Diane was gifting Joni, who blogs about it HERE.

Joni sent a parcel to Jill, who writes about it HERE.

Jill prepared a parcel for Lynne, the post about the contents is HERE.

Lynne was gifting Leah, who posts about the parcel HERE.

Leah sent a parcel to Teri. I couldn't find any post about it on Teri's blog so I assume it hasn't arrived yet. Any news, Teri?

Teri sent a parcel to Erin. I'm not sure if this has arrived yet, as I couldn't find a post about it yet, but I imagine it can take some time for parcels to make it to Singapore.

Erin in turn was gifting Beth, who has received her parcel and blogs about it HERE.

Beth prepared a parcel for Kate. The post about it is HERE.

And Kate in turn sent a parcel to Caitlyn, thus closing the circle. Caitlyn blogs about it in her post on 3rd November 2006 (again, no perma-link).

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Last minute...

Well, my One-Yard-Fabric-Swap parcel made it to the post office in time yesterday, so at least I made it before the deadline. Nobody ever accused me of being too early for anything - well, apart from the arrival of the Bean... 4 days early... totally unheard of! But then, the arrival of the Bean wasn't strictly speaking my doing, or else he would have been 2 weeks late and even heavier than he was (ouch!).

I'm also fairly last minute on other things recently. Of course now I have the excuse of a newborn, but still, is it really necessary to leave things so late that you end up typing letters and filling in forms on the computer with a pillow between you and the keyboard on which the Bean either sleeps or has a snack?! And now I have done it again - yesterday was the deadline for the submission of abstracts for papers for a conference. Obviously I totally miscalculated the amount of time it would take me to even get my fuzzy post-pregnancy brain into gear and start processing information in any shape or form suitable for academic thought, never mind finish a paper proposal, so I had to end the day by writing an apologetic email to the organiser, asking for more time. Do I need to point out how much I hate bothering people in this way? Fortunately they were very nice and I have till the end of the week, so here is hoping that I will have something resembling a coherent idea by then...

Anyway, back to the One-Yard-Fabric-Swap. I finally had a look round the blogs, and although not all parcels have arrived yet, the ones I have seen so far look fantastic! I am so happy to see the effort that everyone seems to have put into their parcels and they all look wonderful. In the next few days I will post a list of links to people's posts so they can be easily found, and in a week or two I will update it to include the rest of the parcels. I can't wait to see them all!! Which reminds me - if you don't have a blog, please don't forget to take pictures of your haul and email them to me. I will then post them on my blog so we can all properly admire them. ;-)

And now, since I seem to go on so much about my dreadful last minute habit, I will try to actively do something about it and have another look at that abstract...