Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday - Exploration of Identity #1

Self Portrait Tuesday - on a Wednesday, but I did not have time to post this yesterday.

This is my comfort cardi, one of the items of clothing that I wear most. It's not a pretty piece of chothing, although it was when I first bought it, about six or seven years ago. It stayed pretty for about five minutes before the yarn started to look terrible and all sorts of fluff and pet hair started to become attached to the fabric. Washed countless times and making me look like a bag lady, it was quickly delegated to being an 'at home cardi' not to be worn in the company of strangers.

I wear it all the time. I hide in it when I feel worried and stressed, and anxious, sitting at my desk in the office, working. I wrap up in it when I feel in need of comfort, when I feel lonely or sad. I wear it like a shield when I want to feel protected from the cold air, working in the garden in late autumn. I snuggle up in it to feel cozy and safe, sitting downstairs, watching TV with D while knitting or spinning, a hot cup of sweetened tea in front of me.

This is the ultimate comfort cardi and I think everyone should have one. :)

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  1. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Ooooh , you've changed again - don't think I am a stalker of your blog - it's just that when I go to bed and wake up in the morning - bloglines tells me you have been hard at work....;)

    Love the cardi and want one just like that too.

  2. mine broke a few months back & the comfort jeans look set to follow suit, but i guess i will just stick another patch on them again ! just cannot take the idea of parting with these jeans.

    The comfy sweater, the hunting for a suitable big snuggly sloppy pattern has began. Have a whole drawer full of jacob that i spun up to semi chunky for the purpose.


  3. Anonymous2:06 pm

    oh, yes, i have a wear-only-at-home comfort cardigan, too!

  4. Great SPT! That cardi looks so warm and inviting

  5. Anonymous2:09 am

    I think it's great that you've got a piece of clothing that makes you feel so secure.