Saturday, January 07, 2006

All I want for x-mas...

... is apparently to be dependent on public transport.

You know, when I was a little girl, I always wished that Santa Claus would bring me a pony for Christmas. Little did I know that what I *really* wanted all these years was a burnt out car.

But guess what? That's what I got!

My poor little car burnt out a few days before Xmas. Spectacularly. There was police, and the firebrigade, and neighbours in their pyjamas and dressing gowns (yours truly included). There were explosions, and there were flames high enough to burn part of our neighbour's conifer hedge down.

What all this boils (or rather, burns) down to is that now I have no car and have to battle around with the insurance company. Lovely.

Life is busy at the moment. There is the car-less existence, which means that it takes me a lot longer than usually go get from A to B, there is work, there is house DIY, there is the fact that next week we will have a friend staying over, which translates into clean-the-house-top-to-bottom, and then there is that article that I need to get ready for, oh, only the 16th of this month, so I can submit it to be considered for publication. I'm also still aiming for a March deadline with the PhD, so that's not really an endlessly long way off.

With all this happening, knitting and spinning has been minimal. I am continuing to work on both, but progress is slow. At least I have finished the little hat (Umbilical cord hat from SNB) to go with the baby booties:

All in all, I am pleased with it, and I can see why people like knitting for babies - it's so quick! Still, baby Felix is born by now, so I have decided that rather than knit a baby cardigan, or force myself to finish the little knitted bunny that I am working on in a hurry (will be a present for another pregnant friend instead), I might just buy something in Monsoon to add to the gift.

My next project will definitely be to knit the Side-Way Ribs cardigan from Knitscene. I have *almost* completed spinning the yarn for it, so I am holding off showing the yarn until then. It's my first handspun that I have spun with a specific project in mind, so I'm rather excited. Hopefully it will turn out the way I am hoping it will...

And last but not least, the lovely Mia from Way Past My Bedtime, who I had the pleasure of spoiling during Secret Pal 6, has sent me a little parcel. Look at that gorgeous scarf:

Isn't it wonderful? And I love the little bag as well. Thank you so much Mia, I'm thrilled with your lovely gift. How thoughtful of you to send me something in return. :-)


  1. Ouch, poor car. And poor you. How on earth did the fire start? At least it sounds like no one was hurt.

  2. They probably tried to steal it, failed, and then burnt it in spite - happened to a friend of mine in London. It beggars belief, really it does! Hope it all gets sorted out soon! Give the insurers aggro, this is what you paid them for after all!

  3. Oh my word... Your poor car! I hope you get it all sorted out soon.

  4. Oh no, thats awful Iris. Insurance companies? Grr, give them hell. I hate them.
    I hope you manage to get all your stuff done. Motivation is a real problem with me at the mo.
    I love the hat.

  5. Anonymous10:08 pm

    Ooooo your poor little car, what happened?

  6. oh no! i am so sorry - but really thankful that you are ok.

    do you know how it all started? i'm sending you many good thoughts that you get this whole mess sorted out quickly and get mobile again soon.

  7. Thank heavens nobody was hurt except the car. The hat and booties are adorable, I love the color. Best of luck with your company and here's hoping that 2006 improves quickly and drastically for you!

  8. Anonymous12:19 pm

    What happened to your car?? When I was 11 my sister's car went up in flames on the drive home after my parents bought it for her. Not fun! At least you are ok.
    That hat is just adorable!

  9. Oh no! Your poor car. It looks very sad. How did it happen? Did it just spontaneously combust, or did someone set fire to it?

  10. Yikes! Iris, it looked to be a fun little car to get around in. I'm sorry to see it's gone. A hassle now begins with the insurance company, the loss of not having instant transportion, etc. I wish you the best and hope you get along well until all is settled.

  11. I'm glad you like the scarf and bag, and I am so sorry about your car! Public transportation can be a pain sometimes. The little hat is absolutely darling! I've also been discoving the joys - and frustrations - of baby knitting, since my cousin announced she's expecting another munchkin in the summer :)

  12. What a shame, that's all you need around Christmas time. Thank goodness you are okay.

  13. Anonymous9:14 pm

    It always happens when you're in your pyjamas too doesn't it? We had a similar thing in Jume 97 at 3 o'clock in the morning. Lots of gorgeous firemen and me in fluffy bedsocks and jimjams that had seen better days! Hope you get it sorted soon.

  14. Oh my goodness!

    How did that happen?

    The hat and booties are adorable. Which reminds me I need to get a start on my baby projects for a friend of mine.

  15. Merry Bl**dy Christmas Herbie Car! What a bummer.....

  16. Wow, that is just awful about your car. Must have been a hell of a shock.

  17. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Oh my! Is that a 2CV? I feel horribly for you. :-(

  18. sorry to hear about your car.

    On the upside that is a BEAUTIFUL photograph of it!

    (sorry, but it IS!)