Thursday, February 09, 2006

Just checking in...

Ack! Where does time go?!

One minute it's the beginning of January and the next thing I am forced to realise that it's almost mid-February. Scary, I tell you, scary!

Anyway, since I haven't been around in the last 2 weeks or so I thought I'd better check in quickly. Life is crazy at the moment and between writing up, house restauration, looking for jobs, and trying to keep things in general ticking over there is just no time for anything right now. Last night I woke up at 2.30 am with a panic attack about the vast amount of work I have to do until March. I feel faint just thinking about it.

It doesn't help matters that D seems to now have some kind of vile stomach flu and lies groaning in the bedroom. Poor guy, he feels terrible. :-( And what are my chances of NOT catching this bug when most people near me seem to have had it in the last week or so? Just what is needed when you feel you have too much to do as it is - to be knocked out by nausea.

With all that happening, there has been precious little time for knitting or spinning. Work on the Side-ways Ribs cardigan continues slowly and so far I am pleased with how the handspun knits up. I will have a picture of it in the next post, promise! :-)

For now, all you you, take care, and I hope all is well.


  1. I hope you stay well! Ick.

  2. Oh I do hope you don't get it next! Yuck. Hope your DH feels better soon.

  3. Anonymous7:36 pm

    hope the bug stays away and that your other half gets better soon. Nice to hear you are back in blogland.

  4. I hope D feels better soon. And hang in there - these periods always pass and you'll handle it better than you expect.