Monday, July 24, 2006

Two Thoughts...

1) People from blogland keep on disappearing - or is it just that they have moved away to other blog sites? Do any of you know what happened to:

The Woolywarbler
Naive Knitting Blog

I always find it worrying when people disappear like that without leaving a trace. It's different from anyone taking a break from blogging (and I have certainly done the same once in a while) - in that case it's temporary and it's often announced on the actual blog, and most important of all, it doesn't make the whole blog disappear! It's disconcerting when that happens. It makes me realise that, no matter how close we feel to other people in this little community, we know very little of each other.

2) On an entirely more happy note - I have been sewing a bit again (nothing to show for yet, as they were all practice projects and little experiments) and it made me wonder if anyone would be interested in a One-Yard-Fabric-Swap? It could be a kind of secret pal swap, only with fabrics, which is not to say that other things can't be included. What do you think?

No hurry if you need to think about it, but if you are generally interested, leave a comment or send me an email at I may check out Swap-Bot to post it or I may keep it on this blog if any of you are interested...


  1. Anonymous9:33 am

    I'm still here, but not in a blogging sense :)
    I started to get itchy feet last Christmas but kept plugging along until Easter when I made my decision to stop. I did say goodbye but it was when you were away being busy. I had lots of lovely comments from so many people I nearly relented! I'm still knitting/stitching/reading/gardening but found I was spending more time at a keyboard than actually doing these things (too easily led ;) Typepad are really quick to delete you once you decide to stop, so my last post wasn't around for long. Thanks for asking though, Tracy aka Woollywarbler x

  2. There you are! Good to hear from you, Tracy and to know that you are OK. I guess I was gone from blogland for quite some time (it was close to 4 months I think), so I missed your leaving post. I can only add my regret to the undoubtedly many other comments - it's sad to loose you as a fellow knit blogger, but I understand your reasons. It's sometimes difficult not to get sucked in and spend far too much time on the internet!

    Take care,

    PS: Sorry I can't respond via email but I lost all my email addresses in a recent harddrive crash!

  3. Anonymous4:46 pm

    Tracy answered the question herself! Not sure about Naive knitter...

    Love the idea of the fabric swap, and think my mother (who lives in Holland) would too... a patchwork maker. So count us in!

  4. Iris...that would be a blast, the One Yard Fabric swap. I'll check back to see where it's going. Stay cool, keep your feet up and relax...time will come soon enough when taking a nap is nearly impossible!

  5. I'd be interested in hearing more about the swap. How can you avoid ending up with some nasty nylon?! I wondered about woolly warbler too. I guess people's priorities change.

  6. Aha, so that's what happened to Woolly Warbler. I'd been wondering too!

  7. Anonymous7:33 pm

    I love your fabric swap idea! I will join in if you set it up. :)

  8. I know what you mean, it is a bit scary when blogger disappear without a trace.

  9. Anonymous7:23 pm

    oh it is odd when blogs diasppear!

  10. Last time I saw, Martha at Naive Knitting was starting a shop (the same name - try googling it) - and there is a link to a blog, although nothing is set up yet. I hope she comes back too.

    Very nice to see that Tracy is still around!

  11. Anonymous9:11 pm

    I too have been wondering about where Woolywarbler was? Glad to see you are fine and well Tracy.