Wednesday, January 10, 2007


This morning I have been browsing blogs. This has become a rare treat for me, ever since the little bean came into our lives, because nowadays relaxing time at the computer or anywhere else and in any form that means I have both my hands free to do some typing, knitting, sewing, or even cleaning, is a rarity. I am not complaining, mind, because the little bean is continuing to be a little miracle to me and I am spending many hours each day gazing at hime and cataloging all the little things that he learns every day in my mind. I never knew parenthood would be this way, would be so much like being in love, would mean that I could spend hours just looking at and caring for this little bebe without wanting anything else. It's not something that can be imagined, I think, when you don't yet have children. Still, it all means that I don't get much done nowadays that requires the use of both of my hands - typing comments for example, or knitting.
What I noticed, though, when I spent some time browsing this morning, is that everyone seems to have those fantastic New Year's Resolutions. I don't have any.

It made me think, though, and I do have resolutions and plans. For example, I would like to de-stash a little this year. I have bags and bags full of yarn, and still I keep buying more. So I guess my resolution is that I will use up some of that stash. Iwill still have to buy some yarn, for example when I am making things for the bean, but I should be able to get a good few cardigans and sweaters out of the yarn that I have stashed away everywhere.

2) I want to finally sew up my first quilt. I managed to get all the pieces layed out a few weeks back when we were at MIL's place and I had some space to play, but I still haven't managed to sew anything together.

3) I want to finally put all the things I have been saving for that purpose on ebay - there are clothes, and some yarn, and some other stuff, and I just never seem to get round to doing this. I am now bribing myself with Amy Butler fabric from the money I am hoping to make.

4) I want to start spinning again. I have really missed this, but again, spinning with the bean has been a bit tricky... Maybe I can figure out a way of balancing him on my lap while spinning at the same time!

5) I want to finally attend the knitting group in this area. It's so close by, yet I have not managed to get there yet.

6) I want to go to a meeting of the Spinner's Guild in York. It sounds fabulous and it would be great to meet other spinners. Again, I haven't had time for this so far.

7) I want to be better at keeping in touch with friends. I am notoriously bad at phoning or writing to friends, or even at returning phonecalls. It's odd, really - I think about my friends all the time and I love meeting up, but returning calls? Soooo difficult! Part of this is probably that I'm not mad keen on talking on the phone, but partly it's just bad time management. So, here's hoping that there is room for improvement!

Right, the bean is stirring, so I will have to end my list of resolutions. We'll see how it goes...


  1. Anonymous3:17 pm

    I remember those days of having to do everything one handed, often including eating dinner! Good luck with the resolutions, sounds like a good list.

  2. happy new year! i sometimes baby bjorn my little girl when i need my hands

  3. Anonymous2:53 am

    You're so right - having a baby in the house is like being in love. It's a wonderful yet challenging time.

    I enjoyed reading your list! Happy New Year!

  4. Anonymous10:30 pm

    I never seem to do the things I want to do either and I don't have a child to use an an excuse!

  5. Glad to see you back Iris, although Bean will still take most of your attention.

    You can, with a bit of practise, hold a baby and type - or maybe that only works if you can't touch type!

  6. Anonymous6:28 pm

    You are sooo right. No one can ever really describe parenthood, can they? Sure, they say you'll be tired, but the intense sleepiness is impossible to understand unless you experience it. And yes, the use of 2 hands - those times are few and far between. When he starts sitting up and playing a bit by himself, you'll be able to breathe again!

    And your first quilt? How exciting!

  7. Happy New Year!

    I loved what you wrote about your "love affair" with Bean. I can imagine how absolutely overwhelming that love must be.

    Ok, off to think up 6 weird things about me (only 6??? :0 )