Saturday, May 05, 2007

May is upon us...

... and isn't it lovely to see everything grow?

I was in Germany for a week, to let the relatives have a cuddle with the bean, and when I came back I was greeted with this spectacular growth in the veg patch:

Just because it's so lush and yummy-looking, here it is again:

Isn't it spectacular? I was only gone for a week and everything has grown so much! The potatoes, which you can just about make out in the back, have grown at least 15cm!

There is even some growth on other things - baby cardigans for example. I don't have a picture because really there isn't that much to show for, but I have finished both front panels now. Maybe there is a chance that I can finish this item before my friend's little girl ha finished school after all...

* The bluebells on the top picture have come up amidst the weeds by wall next to the kitchen door - it's quite exciting to see what this garden hides, now that most of the brambles are gone.


  1. Anonymous6:28 pm

    Your garden looks terrific! And the bluebells are beautiful. I don't like to leave my garden, but coming back to good surprises is always nice!

  2. I love the garden. Mine is also growing so fast here in California (United States) that we actually were able to pick and prepare yellow squash for dinner tonight.
    The bluebells were preatty too.

  3. Your garden looks lovely. I miss having a veg patch - there's nothing better than home grown ;)

  4. Ah, what a glorious garden! I like the feline accent too. :-)

  5. Your garden is much more advanced than mine! Although I was away with work for 3 days last week and arrived home to find the cabbages had doubled in size!

  6. Anonymous6:02 pm

    The sunny weather seems to have speeded everything up this year hasn't it? We've just come back from a couple of days away and have been admiring the growth managed by our spinach and broad beans.

  7. The bluebells are really pretty: how lovely to see them by the kitchen door.

  8. Your garden looks beautiful and idyllic!