Friday, August 03, 2007

This crazy life...

I feel guilty for not updating the blog more often. Life is always so busy around here. Why is that? Is it the same for other people?

The flooding saga continues, but at least the tiles in the hall have now been removed. That means that hopefully the dehumidifiers don't have to be with us for much longer. The heat and noise are driving me potty!

I've also started work, which is wonderful. I'm feeling very positive about it all, I like the people, and am looking forward to working with them, but it also means a lot of lecture and seminar planning for the start of term and also a lot of frantic last-minute research and writing for yet another conference this summer and a book article due in next month. There are also the remaining 4 weddings to go to this summer, and our holiday, which I am determined to spend with my little family rather than in front of the computer, surrounded by books, frantically writing conference papers. We have trips planned - to the beach, to a few museums around here, and then we will spend a few days at the German sea side when we go over there for a wedding in a few weeks time. It's our first real holiday as a little family, so the last thing I want is to take work with me.

I have been knitting, but only on things started a long time ago. The drive to FINISH things is still strong, so I am going with it for now. Maybe, just maybe, before it runs out, I will get a finished Cozy out of it, and possibly another pair of socks.

The picture above is from another Gimme Your Stuff Swap, this time with the fabulous Malin in Sweden. She is the best kind of swapper - we exchanged a lot of emails beforehand and she is funny and interesting, and kind. And the parcel she has sent me makes me so happy. Can you see the gorgeous handmade bag? I love it so! And the quirky mushroom fabric? And I love the Swedish recipe book. I've long been fond of Saffron and Cinnamon buns... And the copies of IK, and the yarn! There is also quite a bit of stuff that didn't make it onto the picture - there was a yummy bar of chocolate with digestive biscuits in it (eaten instantly), and some rosehip soup with almond biscuits (also already gone). Thank you Malin!!


  1. Those are some nice things. I'm not surprised you don't have much time to blog, you have a little baby.

  2. Anonymous5:30 pm

    Life does tend to get in the way of blogging. But if we didn't live our "real lives" we wouldn't have much to blog about. :) I'm glad you're enjoying your job!

  3. That looks like such a fun swap package!

  4. Anonymous11:36 am

    I´m happy you enjoyed everything - I had a great time putting it together! And your package - I´m loving it to bits, and I´ll post it as soon I can borrow a camera!

  5. Anonymous6:26 pm

    What brand of dehumidifier are you using thats making all the noise? Cheers.

  6. Hope you get the house sorted out soon! We escaped here, but Stratford and Leamington Spa, not so much!

  7. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Hi Iris! What do you think about a pick-me-up in the dead of winter? How would you like to do another swap, maybe in February? Maybe all yarn/fabric oriented? Tell me what you think!