Friday, January 11, 2008


I seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth!

How are you all (provided anybody is in fact still checking back here)? Happy New Year to all of you!

These days, full-time working life plus full-time mothering have me firmly in their grip, and time at the computer is very limited - at least when it comes to focussed blogging time. Sure, I get the odd minute here and there to answer an email, but its rarely enough to do much more, and since it's also usually at work rather than at home I don't get to upload photographs all that often. I miss it, I really do, and I am hoping to make some more time this year.

I miss being creative and I have plans for the coming year. I do still knit, and recently I have taught myself crochet. I'm working on my first granny-square blanket, which is to grace our newest crazy purchase - an old VW Campervan called Eddie. Spinning and sewing have suffered in the last few months, because they are just not portable enough, but I'm thinking about giving crewel a try... And I want to start drawing again - just for myselfa - and teach myself some new techniques (oil in particular).

The next academic year will be very very busy, in partiular as we are also covering for absent colleagues), but as I start developing new routines I hope I'll find more time again to reconnect with the blog. Here's hoping...


  1. Glad to see you still around. Life can get so busy! I hope you get some crafting time soon.

  2. Happy New Year! Still checking in - you'll get chance for crafting & blogging when the time is right :-)

  3. Anonymous4:18 am

    Happy New Year! I like the name Eddie for your camper. Cute!

  4. Good to know you're doing well. Hope you'll find time to follow your creative pursuits. That VW campervan sounds super fun and vintage and cool and I hope you'll get round to posting a photo for us one of these days.

  5. I knew you just had to be a busy prof and mom these days.

    I had to laugh, reading about Eddie. We just purchased an older small 20 ft RV, giving us the title of the "Gris-Roys" if you have ever seen the Griswalds on National Lampoons Vacation.

    And...I just started a hexagon granny square afghan for Alex as of last apps turned into to two colleges. Figured the afghan would help to keep my mind off of the waiting to get the reply...did she or didn't she, make it in.

    Take care...tickle the beans toes for me and happy camping.

  6. Yup, I'm still checking up on yooooo! :) Glad to hear all is well - you know you can set up your blog so you can e-mail your posts, right? Not photos though, nor categories/labels alas - I often construct posts at work, then send them at lunchtime or after half 4, so it's not obvious I wasn't working! :)

    Camper van sounds cool, I am soo jealous!

  7. Hi Iris
    Bet you cant't wait for some good weather to gallivant around in Eddie!
    Time is so precious these days and we never seem to have enough of it to do the many things on the 'list'.
    Good luck