Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Still waiting...

I know I am inpatient, I know I am...

... but with The Bean being a little early I thought that Tick might follow his big brother's example. Of course his due date is only Saturday, but still! It's Tuesday today and he is making absolutely no signs of wanting to vacate the premises...

At least I've had plenty of time to get a few things sorted around the house.

I built the Ikea bookcase for the corner of our lounge and carried a ton of books downstairs to sort into the shelves. Very satisfying, although I was rather tired afterwards.

I think it looks OK. I was a bit worried that it might not work, and to be perfectly honest, the sofa IS a little bit too big for the space that is left for it, in particular with the small table with the lamp on by the side, but it isn't very noticeable and we did need the space for the books after all. I think it makes the room feel more cozy...

I've also got round to sewing a new cover for my moses basket. It's not finished yet because it needs some elastic around the rim to hold the fabric up securely, but just to show you the pattern of the fabric:

This is a kind of flannel fabric that I got in a swap a while ago. No idea what it is exactly but it's cute with the little giraffes. It's the first time I've worked with a stretchy fabric and although I like the way it has turned out I have to admit that I didn't working with the fabric much. It's just not an exact science and the fabric slips and slides all over the place. It's good enough for a moses basket cover, but overall I think I'll stick to sewing with non-stretchy materials...

My sock knitting is also coming along uncharacteristically well - I've turned the heel (there seemed to be a mistake in the pattern, so it took a bit of experimenting, but overall this is just about the nicest heel that I've ever come across - I'll definitely use that pattern for the heel again!) and I'm on the home run now. Of course then there is the second sock, but we are not thinking about that yet.

In the sprit of nesting I've also spent the past few days sticking photographs into albums - a task that I normally NEVER get round to. We have boxes and boxes full of photographs!

If Tick makes me wait much longer, my tasks for the next few days will be:

1) more sticking pictures into albums
2) sewing a nappy bag with some corduroy fabric I have in my stash
3) sewing a head support for the Mei Tai baby carrier I have for Tick
4) x-mas baking with The Bean - I'm really looking forward to that and have already dug out my recipe books. There are plenty of terrifying things about the up-run to x-mas, but the German x-mas cookies? Hmmmmm!! ;-)


  1. Good luck! Babies are certainly on their own timetable.

    Baking with kids is so much fun! Enjoy.

  2. Ooh - you look amazing! I remember being at that stage - my first was 6 days over and the second was 13 days over!
    The sock looks fab too :-)

  3. Everything looks great - the bookcase, the sock, the basket cover. I'm with you on the stretchy fabric. It's not my favorite thing to work with.

    Good luck! I'll be thinking of you.

  4. Anonymous6:38 pm

    I have bump envy! Mine is only small. Oh well, it will come in its own time. Lots of luck for the home run!