Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm longing to...

... knit.

These days I find myself daydreaming about knitting... planning elaborate knitting projects in the wee hours of the morning when Tick wants to feed yet again. .. snatching minutes to finger yarn earmarked for projects that may or may not come to fruition in the foreseeable future... and furtively knitting the odd half-row on my never-ending sock - the one started before Tick was born (and no, I'm nowhere near starting sock #2) - when the Bean is watching The Night Garden before going up for his bath and bed.

I have two projects on the needles right now.: The never-ending sock, which, to my defense, I had to unravel partly because it was far too tight for my fat ankles, and a heavily altered version of Knitty's Satchel Bag, intended to become a knitted (and lined) nappy bag big enough to fit all of Beans and Ticks STUFF. But I have so many plans - especially at night, when it's quiet and Tick is sleepily feeding, I sit in the half-light of my dimmed bedside lamp and think of all those projects.

I want to knit a belted cardigan like this one HERE.

And I want to knit a funky scarf for The Bean (he keeps on "borrowing" mine), possibly made from left-over yarn and using two strands at the same time so I can blend colours. I might knit it sideways.

I'd like to make Tick another couple of cardigans.

I want to knit a few cardigans for myself. Like THIS ONE or THIS ONE here.

I want to design a jumper using some light blue mohair yarn that I bought ages ago. I know exactly how it should look but obviously haven't got round to working on it.

The reality of the situation is that in the next few months I probably won't get around to much knitting because during the day I'm more likely to be involved in activities that feature the items in the picture above and in the evening when The Bean is snoozing peacefully Tick seems to wake up and want a lot of holding. I'm guessing he is catching up on all those cuddles that he is missing out on during the day when his big brother demands most of my attention. Maybe there will be more time once we get Tick into some kind of bed-time routine but right now he goes to bed when we do - which isn't very late either. ;-)

I guess for now I need to console myself with fondling yarn, looking through my pattern collection, snatching the odd minute to work on the sock, and dreaming of all those projects that may or may not happen...


  1. I love all those patterns! I hope you find some time soon - although before you know it they'll be teenagers! Then you'll be up half the night knitting waiting for them to come in from wherever it was they said they'd be back from 2 hours earlier!

  2. Anonymous9:13 pm

    I remember those days and nights, spend dreaming about doing things and daydreamily (sleep deprivation) living my real life...

    They're gorgeous patterns and they'll always be there, enjoy your little ones... they grow up so fast!! My three... sigh, I could almost have another one... shhh don't tell the husband.

  3. Don't worry Iris, you'll get chance to knit those projects and more! Although by that time you'll probably have changed your mind about which ones you want to do - thats what always happeens to me anyway!
    And do enjoy those special moments with your babies - mine are age 10 and nearly 8 years now and I really can't figure out how it all went so quickly!

  4. I hope you get to knit at least one of those lovely cardigans, the patterns are all great. Keep up the fondling and the fantasising.

  5. The time will come when you can knit more. Enjoy this time with the little ones! It does go by fast.