Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February gloom...

... and what to do with it.

Recently Soule Mama posted a series of inspiring blog entries about how to deal with the February funk - her Winter Manifesto.

I loved reading the posts and it made me think about how I deal with this gloomiest of all the winter months. See, I'm not a winter person, and while I'm not averse to a bit of the fluffy white stuff, what I really hate is the dreary wetness of the UK winter. Somehow it's always worst in February, maybe because the holiday season is over, or because it's been winter for so long already and you find yourself longing for a bit of fresh growth, or maybe even because spring seems just round the corner - the days are getting longer, there is the odd balmy day that makes you think of spring... yet much as this month teases with it's close proximity to spring, there is still a lot of cold and wet to come and somehow that makes it even worse.

At the weekend we found ourselves with an unexpected half-day of free time and no particular idea of what to do, so D suggested going out into the garden. While I was initially reluctant ("but it's cold and wet out there..." *whine*) I let myself be persuaded and it turns out that you can have fun outside - even on a grey day in mid-February.

The Tick was asleep for most of this, but The Bean was excited to visit his friends the worms (fast asleep under a couple of logs in the garden) and then happily proceded to water our already completely waterlogged garden. I'm sure the weeds won't mind...

And lo and behold, amidst the dull greys and browns of the season I managed to spot some new green shoots - bluebells!

I know that spring is still a long way off, but it's good on the eyes to see a bit of colour at this time of year.

In knitting news - Unwrapped is coming along nicely - pictures to follow. I just hope it will fit... I'm still weary of the wonky gauge!


  1. I do agree that you need to get outside even on a grey day. Now the snow has gone I'm discovering lots happening in the garden and though its only February the milder weather and slightly longer days make it feel like spring. Still nice to cosy up with some knitting in the evening though.

  2. It does seem to have been a miserably long winter doesn't it? If it's any consolation it has been amazingly wet here in SW France too - the ground is absolutely saturated and as we're on heavy clay the mud is unbelieveable. Awful for the poor sheep who have to wade through it on their way in and out of the barns.

    Still, spring IS on its way!

  3. Those new shoots are indeed a welcome sight - earlier this week I spotted a single daffodil and 4 tiny purple crocuses flowering in our front garden! Amazing!

  4. Cute pictures! I love it when things start peeking out in the yard.