Friday, February 18, 2011

Winter days...

... can sometimes be fun. Not always, and I'm not really a winter person, but at this time of year sometimes there are days when the sun comes out and you get a hint of spring in the air. It never stays, because it's really far too early, but nonetheless, it's a bit of warmth and light in this grey season.

The last time this happened, a few days ago, we spent a happy couple of hours in the garden, and there are signs of life! Bean spotted a ladybird, and we all went round to spot all the fresh green shoots of daffodils and bluebells and the little white flowers of the snowdrops.

Then I tried to take a few pictures of the lads so I could get a canvas print done for my dad's birthday. It didn't go so well...

The little monkeys have decided to become photo-shy...

I'm doing a knitting update soon, but it's been so dreary that it seems just impossible to get a decent photograph of anything.

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  1. I know what you mean - I'm struggling to take pictures of knitting and plants at the moment because of the lack of daylight when I'm at home!