Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Year of Projects - update for 10-16th August

I think it's time that I review my project list for this year. Some things were finished this month, others changed...

For example, I was going to knit either Conwy or Whitby socks for myself from my sock yarn stash - I've since realised that they are both book patterns, and one of my resolutions for this year is that I won't buy much (ideally I won't by anything yarn related at all, but we'll see how that goes...). I've therefore changed my mind somewhat and I'll instead knit:

1 pair of Lombard Street Socks, using the Patons Kroy Sock yarn that I have in my stash. It's a very pretty mottled grey/brown in colour and I'm realising more and more that I'm definitely a solid colours kind of a gal. I do like stripes, but again, it's the solid blocks of colour that appeal. Much as I like variegated yarns on the skein, knitted up they are often not quite my thing (although of course there are exceptions).

I'm also thinking about some quick DK socks. Perhaps a pair of Skyp Socks and a pair of Breaking Waves socks? Not sure about the yarn yet, but I have any number of DK yarns that might work.

So otherwise, where are we, regarding my projects list:

The Garter Yoke Cardi
Yarn - natural wool/cashmere yarn from stash
I've now started this:

Ink Flare
Yarn: that unruly purple yarn that never gets the correct gauge

 Ink Flare
Yarn: the huge hank of green Fleece Artist hand-dyed mohair that I've had for I don't know how long.
This is still something I want to knit - the yarn in question is this one:

Socks for boys
knit one pair of socks for each of the boys. They've chosen their yarn already, so:
Yarn: Regia Crazy Color self-striping 4-ply.
Yep, those are done!

Bulky Moebius Cowl
Yarn: Berry Handspun (by me)
I may knit another one with the 1-Hour-Herringbone pattern.

I love this yarn - I received the fibre in some swap years ago and I'm pretty sure it's a wool/silk mix. Sadly as is often the case with fleece candy, there isn't very much of it, so I spun it deliberately slubby, with a scarf or hat in mind as a potential project. It should work well as a cowl - I hope...

Shalom cardi
Yarn: Olive wool/cashmere blend
Yes, this is still part of the list! I have a shed-load of this yarn, and it refused to be the Garter Yoke cardi, because although it's supposed to be aran weight it was just too thick to get the correct gauge. I think it might work for the Shalom cardi.

Yarn: orange and yellow handspun
I'm unsure about this one, not because I don't like the pattern, but because I'm not sure I have enough yarn for it. This is what I have - enough? Do I need to omit sleeves?  The alternative would be Liesl. What do you think?

Yarn: sock-weight feltable yarn from stash
Yes, still part of the list!

Sideways Grande Cloche
Yarn: Single skein purple Cascade
Yep, same.

Easy Raglan V-Neck
Yarn: GGH Savanna
This is such an awkward project for me. I actually cast on for it ages ago, but I'm really not fond of the yarn. I don't like the mottled brown of it, and from the way it handles just when knitting with it I get the feeling it's going to wear really badly. On the other hand I can't imagine that anyone would want it, after it's been handled so much (I ripped another project, so it's been handled A LOT).

Granny Square Blanket
Yarn: all the left-overs and the single balls and skeins that I have lying around in dk and aran.
Yes, this is still happening. I'm slowly making progress, although it may take me a while. But then, since this is a left-overs kind of project it doesn't really matter if it takes me another 6 months, does it?

So what is new?

I decided that I fancy some Mermaid gloves. No yarn allocated yet, but I have enough single skeins lying around that it shouldn't be much of a problem.

I also want to knit a simple raglan sweater, using the beige cashmere blend yarn that didn't want to be a Garter Yoke Cardi. I'm thinking the Spring Forward Fall Back Raglan pattern might work because it asks for a heavy aran yarn.

I do want to add some more crochet, because I find the projects so nice and portable without all those needles! On the list are:

The Flat Circle Pillow looks really cute.

I also fancy the Attic 24 Mandalas. Would be pretty on the dining table with a jug of flowers on top...

Plus, I really want to crochet some pot holders.

One problem I have with the crochet projects is that I would like to use cotton for them (a bit of a necessity with the pot holders anyway!). I don't own any (!) cotton yarn apart from maybe a tiny ball of something somewhere. The closest I come is some cotton mix, but that's it!

I have a plan, though - rather than go out and buy some yarn I'll try to swap/trade it for some of my own stash of unwanted wool. I found some groups on Ravelry that look promising: The Completey Pointless and Arbitrary Swap Group looks good, and so does the Yarn Swap and Sell Community and the ISO and Destash of Yarn Community.

I'm now off to photograph all my unwanted stash...


  1. Anonymous11:10 am

    I like the new additions and swapping or trading yarn sounds like a good option and still keep you on track for not buying any actual yarn. Pot holders for hot pots definitely need cotton, otherwise all other fibers will melt with the hot pots. I hope you can swap for some.

    1. Yes, I thought it would result in melted fibres... I have since found a tiny skein of 100% cotton in my stash, but not nearly enough. As predominantly a cardigan and sweater knitter I've never done much cotton knitting before, so this will be a whole new stash to acquire! Really hope swapping and trading will work because I'm determined to stick with my knitting from stash goal.

  2. awesome list of goodness there!!! (and ambitious, too!!!!) good luck. :)

    1. Thanks, and thanks for commenting! :)

  3. Hope your photographs go well so you can swap for that cotton. I love Liesl, by the way!! Still loving those socks!

    1. Thank you, and yes, I really hope it'll be successful because I do fancy those pot holders... ;)

  4. Anonymous7:35 pm

    Your idea of yarn swapping sounds a good option to me........I'm also trying to work from my stash this year, although I've already fallen at the first hurdle with a yarn purchase this weekend for the Ramona cardigan. Your list is full of some lovely projects and I'm loving your sock pattern choices.

    1. Thank you, and I really hope it'll work and I'll be able to swap yarn rather than buy it. I've already had a few near misses, including one when I was standing in a yarn shop while on holiday. The only thing that saved me was that the kids were bored and were starting to mess around with the yarn, meaning we had to leave quickly, LOL.

  5. Anonymous8:26 pm

    I like Leisl. Such lovely yarns and projects btw x

    1. So do I. :) I'm thinking considering the yarn shortage Liesl might also be more feasible. x

  6. Ooh! You've introduced my to some new patterns I must pin and fave. I'm born and bred SF. Tourist traffic by Lombard is nuts. I also like that Dietrich. Reading it's in fingering and then felted expounds why it looks like cloth from the pics afar. I say go for Skyp.

    1. I'm tending towards Skyp too. :)

      I'm really curious about the Dietrich. It will probably take a while to knit, but I like the way the felting makes it look like... well... felt cloth, rather than knitted fabric.

  7. Lovely orange yarn! Good luck with the stash sale - I've picked up some awesome yarns through Ravelry stashes!

    1. Thanks. And yes, I'm really hoping that someone may want to swap...

  8. Where would one see your unwanted stash?

    1. I've not uploaded any of it yet, but I'll post links once I've done it and may even post pictures on the blog too! :)