Thursday, September 04, 2014

WIP Wednesdays - on Thursday!

OK, so this WIP post is a day late, but never mind that - there's been some actual progress this week!

My obsession with the granny square blanket has continued unabated, so I'm pretty much done with it by now. In fact, if I hadn't decided last night to add one or two more rows to it so it would drape more nicely across the sofa I'd be finished by now. I've crocheted all the squares together and have even sewn in most of the ends. The only thing left is to crochet once around the whole thing, but obviously I have to wait with that until I've made more squares for another row or two... Hopefully it'll be done by Friday so I can do a proper FO post for it. It also needs to be washed and blocked properly, but I think that'll have to wait - I want to admire it on the sofa for a few days before I wash it and can't use it for days until it's dry!

 I've also made progress on my Lombard Street Socks. I've finished sock #1!! In the end I kind of made up my own pattern, lol, because the instructions were confusing because I wasn't knitting on dpns. It all worked out perfectly, though, so no harm done. Today I briefly went into work to look in on a colleague's conference, but because it's normally my day off I decided that I would use the half hour before to cast on for sock #2. I've only done a few rows on it but I've done the piquot edging , meaning that I can start with the lace and cable pattern now. I'm really pleased with this pattern - it's fun to knit, and the sock fits perfectly.

I'm taking a couple of days off now, which I am very excited about. D and I have plans to finally paint our old caravan. I bought Matilda (yes, all our vehicles have names...) on ebay last year. It was a bit of a spur of the moment purchase and she is very old and hasn't in fact been anywhere since we've bought her. Her tires need looking at and really, my idea was that she'd mainly be a summer house that we could, very occasionally, take with us when we go camping. I'd like to re-do the interior (take out the nasty-looking little bathroom and the wardrobe to make some room, paint the lot, make covers for the seats, etc.

With all those grand plans, though, not much has happened since she came home to stay with us. After her first winter here she looked decidedly run down and overall pretty green and slimy. We were not enamored. All five of us, armed with sponges and brushes and lots of soapy water, were able to restore her to her slightly shabby previous self, but I think the time has come for her to get her make-over, so this morning we armored ourselves with paint brushes and a tub of Dulux Weathershield and got to work:

Isn't this better? She's not finished, of course - she'll get a coat of white around the middle tomorrow, and we are contemplating whether to paint the roof white or blue... 

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  1. Fabulous looking granny square blanket!

  2. my goodness you have been B*U*S*Y!!!!! I love the granny blanket (that's what my circles are destined to be!)....and the sock is looking great, too. Isn't fall the perfect time for the camping plans....summer is just too hot, so your timing couldn't be better with the re-do.

  3. That caravan is so cute and the blanket must have taken forever!! Both look fabulous, well done!

  4. Blue! Blue! Matilda should have some blue! (or red)

    Your sock looks great! What a lovely pattern! I'm just about to start a picot bind off for a blanket and just the thought of it makes me tired. Your grannies are fab - so many glorious colour combinations!

  5. Anonymous6:11 am

    Your blanket is gorgeous, the colours just wonderful and I love the caravan, you'll have a great time making it over. :)

  6. You have unwavering patience. That blanket is large. The sock looks great. It'll be fun to watch Matilda transform.

  7. Anonymous5:16 pm

    what an exciting project and fun too, Matlida looks great. I used to have a car called Jasmine... I haven't named my current car coz I dont really love it, but it does the job and I'm not complaining.
    I love your blanket it looks really cosy and I love the colour you have joined with.

  8. Your blanket looks so cheerful! I really like how you're using brown as the joining color. The sock looks very pretty, and Matilda sounds like an interesting project - I will be looking out for more news. It would be great to see before-and-after pictures of the inside.