Wednesday, October 15, 2014

WIP Wednesday and A Year of Projects update

I think it's time that I review my project list for this year again. Things seem to change on there all the time!  

Lombard Street Socks
These are progressing - slowly but surely. I've finally arrived at the heel section for the second sock. Since for some reason the knitting always seems to be faster once the heel is done I am hopeful that I'll finish this project soon.

I'm still considering some DK socks, simply because I'm curious how much faster the knitting would be! So it's either the Skyp Socks or the Breaking Waves, but I'm not sure about the yarn yet. 

So otherwise, where are we, regarding my projects list:

This is going really well. I'm well into the first sleeve, and because this is now just mindless stockinette in the round I tend to pick it up quite a bit when watching TV for example. Last week I posted a picture of how it's looking right now (but forgot to link it to anywhere!). If you want to see it, the post is HERE. It's not changed much, although of course the sleeve is a little longer. 

I'm still contemplating the button question. I think horn would work, or, as Catherine suggested, wood. Alternatively I suppose mustard yellow would be OK, but I'm wondering if it's too much since there are so many buttons... 

 Ink Flare
Yarn: huge hank of green Fleece Artist hand-dyed mohair 

Yarn: Olive wool/cashmere blend
Yes, this is still part of the list! I have a shed-load of this yarn, and it refused to be the Garter Yoke cardi, because although it's supposed to be aran weight it was just too thick to get the correct gauge. I think it might work for the Shalom cardi.

Yarn: orange and yellow handspun

Yarn: sock-weight feltable yarn from stash
Yes, still part of the list!

Yarn: Single skein purple Cascade
Yep, same.

Yarn: GGH Savanna
This is such an awkward project for me. I actually cast on for it ages ago, but I'm really not fond of the yarn. I don't like the mottled brown of it, and from the way it handles just when knitting with it I get the feeling it's going to wear really badly. On the other hand I can't imagine that anyone would want it, after it's been handled so much (I ripped another project, so it's been handled A LOT).

No yarn allocated yet, but I have enough single skeins lying around that it shouldn't be much of a problem.

Yarn: Light brown cashmere / wool blend in heavy Aran

Some of the swapped cotton yarn I've recently acquired!

I fancy a couple of those for the table. Any number of cotton leftovers will do for this.

pot holders
Possibly Hilde's Hot Pads, or or the Blue & White Pot Holders, or the Flower Pot Holders. I'm inspired by my Gran's old 1950s potholders which I inheriteda few years ago when she sadly passed away, so I'm thinking of a nice retro cream/orange/brown colour combo. 

I'll likely use some of the ivory sock yarn I have lying around in abundance.

Cable Cushion
Either the Cable & Twist cushion or the Super Chunky Rope Cable Cushion, or possibly the Super Chunky Basketweave Cushion. Or perhaps all of them?
Yarn: This is going to be knitted with some white Shetland that I still have from ripping an old jumper out. 

And of course there is the Scheepjes Mystery Crochet Blanket CAL
I joined this a few weeks ago and ordered the yarn. A couple of days ago Deramores emailed me to say that my order is finally being processed so I'm expecting the yarn to arrive any day now. I have some catching up to do because the CAL started two weeks ago, meaning that two pieces of the pattern are out now. Still, it's about 12 squares so if I receive the yarn soon I should be able to manage it. 

Finished Projects

This actually got a bit of wear these past couple of weeks. The weather has been cold and drizzly, and we went to see friends at their farm near Sheffield (which is another post, because I got a whole Chevier fleece from them!!). Boy #1 took this picture of me with Ink Flare in action. :)

Socks for boys
Done, done, and done! They love their knitted socks, those three, so I'm sure there will be more to come. 

Yarn: Berry Handspun (by me)
I'm wearing this all the time, so I'm already planning another one. I fancy the 1-hour Herringbone Cowl... 

Granny Square Blanket
We all love this blanket. It's on the sofa and every evening the boys snuggle up under it to read or watch TV. Definitely one to stay! 

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  1. The garter yoke cardi looks lovely and I agree, there are too many buttons to choose from - I love them all!

  2. you are one mighty ambitious lady!!!! I'm way too impulsive a knitter to plan so far ahead! (although I probably have that many WIPs kicking around here someplace...out of sight, out of mind. maybe i need that list after all!)

  3. Anonymous8:25 am

    The garter yoke cardigan is gorgeous and I would go the pop of colour in the buttons but then I'm on a fix lately of adding the colour to cardi's in the buttons. If you didn't want mustard where it might be too much with lots of buttons (personally I think it would be fab) a teal green might look good and less bright so to speak than the mustard.

  4. Funny, I just added a pillow cover to my to-do list. They're just too cute to pass up, and I'm a sucker for cables.