Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Year of Projects - culling and tidying up... and a few new beginnings too!

I've had a look through my Rav queue these past few days, because it was really getting quite out of hand. Truth be told, I can hardly remember what I said my projects for this year were, because I seem to change my plans all the time. This wouldn't be so bad, at least not in itself, but these things are often symptomatic of other chaos and confusion. In the spirit of this year's motto, 'plan and do' I felt that a tidy-up was in order.

The list is still long, but at least it's now full of projects I really want to knit (and crochet) rather than full of things that I, at some point or other, considered but that I have long since moved away from.

This is it:
  1. Ease (Alicia Plummer) or Eased (bulky version)
  2. Briquette (Alicia Plummer)
  3. Hitofude Cardigan
  4. Christmas Bird (Ginny Sturdy) (c)
  5. Color Affection
  6. Shalom Cardigan
  7. Ripple Blanket (c)
  8. Campus Jacket (Amy Christoffers)
  9. Bottoms Up (Alice Bell)
  10. New Pea coat (Teva Durham)
  11. Thuja (Bobby Ziegler)
  12. Tailored Jacket (Debbie Bliss)
  13. Raglan from the Top Down (less a project and more a general guide)
  14. Salina (Kim Hargreaves)
  15. Seamless Hybrid (Elizabeth Zimmermann) 
  16. Linda K's Yummy Mummy wristwamers (Alexandra Brinck)
  17. Sideways Grande Cloche (Laura Irwin)
  18. Mermaid gloves
  19. Audrey In Unst (Gudrun Johnston)
  20. Liesl (Ysolda Teague)
  21. Harvest Pullover (Kristen Hipsky)
  22. Slouchy Cardigan (Helene Roux)
  23. Dietrich (Marnie MacLean)
  24. Marian (Jane Richmond)
  25. 1 Hour Herringbone Cowl (Stefanie Japel)
  26. Bressay dress (Gudrun Johnston)
  27. Autumnal Cardigan (Hannah Fettig) 
  28. Simple Skyp Socks 
  29. Breaking Waves Socks
  30. Elegance Socks
  31. Attic 24 Mandala  (c)
  32. Birdie Decorations (Attic 24)  (c)
  33. Flat Circle pillow (Attic 24)  (c)
  34. Crochet bag (Attic 24)
  35. Keynote (Wencke Lucas)
  36. The Ultimate Crochet Cowl (c)
  37. Knitted Knot Bracelet 
  38. Knitted cushions
  39. Prolix Mitts (Laura Nelkin)
  40. Playful Stripes Cardigan (Alana Dakos)
  41. February Lady Sweater
  42. Klokkeblomst / Bellflower (Liselotte Weller) (c)
  43. Balls Up! (x-mas deco)
  44. Boyfriend Hoodie (Mari Lynn Patrick)
  45. Little Red Riding Hood Hooded Scarf
  46. Tulip Yoke Baby Cardigan (Jennifer Little)
  47. Yoga pants for big boys (For the Big Kids - Allison Lawler pattern)
  48. Quay (Veera Valimaki)
  49. Bear (Veera Valimaki)
  50. Honey Cardigan (Veera Valimaki)
  51. Idlewood (Cecily glowik MacDonald)
  52. Chandail (Triona Murphy)
  53. Some knee-high socks (such as Cosy Beginner's Socks by Fiona Ras OR Funky Granpa Socks (Mindy Abodeely) OR Little Cable Knee Highs (Purl Soho)
  54. Cozipeds (socks on 2 circs) (Shiri Mor) OR Warm and Cozy Socks (Linden Down) OR Cozy Socks (Veronica Van)
  55. A Grey Loop (Helen G)
  56. Raw Honey fingerless mitts (Alicia Plummer)
  57. Abate jumper (Alicia Plummer)
  58. Eyelet Yoke Sweater (Courtney Spainhower)
  59. Clayoquot (tincanknits)
  60. Braided Cable Hug (Jami Brynildson)
  61. Boneyard Shawl (Stephen West)
  62. Joey Infinity Scarf (Andee Fagan)
That's quite enough projects, don't you think??

I'm obviously not planning on knitting through all of those this year. Or next year. Or in the next 5 years, to be perfectly honest. I'm sure a lot of these projects will never see the light of day, but it's nice to have some choice when I'm planning my next big project. 

For this current Year of Projects (which, if I remember right, ends in July or at the beginning of August?! Will have to check that...), I'm still hoping to start and finish:
1) Liesl
2) Eyelet Yoke Sweater
3) another Totoro (or two...)
4) some cozy slouchy sweater or cardi, in the sage green Shetland that I still have lying around. Possibly Ease, or Briquette, Idlewood, or the Campus Jacket...
5) Perhaps the Honey Cardigan, or Audrey in Unst, if I can find the right yarn for it.

Everything else, at this point, is optional - if I get it done, then great, if not, not a problem either.

Undoubtedly that list will change a few times before the summer, but for now this is it!

And to show willing I have finally cast on for Liesl:

As planned, I'm using my orange handspun for this one. I was a bit concerned if there would be enough, but so far it's looking like there is more of it than I thought there was, so I shouldn't run into problems. 

The yarn isn't the recommended thickness, but I hit gauge with big 8 mm needles, which means that it's coming out all fluffy and loose, like an orange cloud of sorts. ;)   And the bonus - on needles that large this knits up in no time. I'm already past the armholes... 

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  1. What a great list. I want to knit hitofude and I'm in the middle of my second abate. The year of projects ends the last week of June! My queue is never ending as well - always adding to it, never taking away!

  2. That list will keep you busy! Love the orange.

  3. That's quite a list! Of course, that many projects stresses me out, so I have virtually no queue and virtually no stash. Each to her own! I'm entirely enamoured with the idea of wearing an "orange cloud"!!

  4. This is some list. I hope to get to Idlewood this year.

  5. Wow! What a list...a lifetime of knitting! It is fun to have so many things to look forward to though. Good luck and much enjoyment on your Liesl.

  6. What you're saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I'm sure you'll reach so many people with what you've got to say.

  7. what a great list to have - even though it is long you will have no worries in choosing a project should you need a fresh wave of inspiration! And I am always a fan of more Totoro's in the world! jenny xx