Thursday, July 16, 2015

Introducing Roly, and A Year of Projects - the list to end all lists...

Two things on the agenda today. 

First I would like to introduce the newest addition to the family...

Meet Roly, the pill bug, or, as we would say in the UK, the woodlouse. 

He is already quite at home here, and he likes to crawl up the back of the sofa when it is least expected, scaring and tickling unsuspecting family members and visitors alike.

He took a good long time to finish, but that wasn't his fault - I got side-tracked by various other projects, and because he consists mainly of short rows (oh, all the short rows, I will never forget how to do those now) he wasn't a very good project to pick up for a few distracted minutes with busy family life going on around me.

That said, this was a fun pattern to knit, and the constant shaping, together with the gradual colour changes of the Noro, kept it interesting throughout. I really like how Roly has turned out, and I'm so glad that I held on to that Noro afterall or I wouldn't have had such an fantastic yarn to use for this. Everything about this Noro Silk Garden was ideal - the weird mushroom-y, 'buggy' colours, the texture of the silk, the way the colours seemed to change at just the right moments...

~ * ~

The other 'little' thing  I have been working on is that pesky Year of Projects list, and oh, there are so many projects I'd like to get round to this year! I've decided to post two lists - an ideal list of projects, and a list of essentials. 

Needless to say, my 'ideal' list is pretty monumental (well, at least for me, I'm not *that* prolific!):


  • Hitofude - carried over from last year I have a ton of ivory sock yarn that is earmarked for this. 
  • Dietrich hat  - this has been brought over from last year's list. Really hoping to get it done this year!
  • Marian - I really fancy a big bad cowl to keep me warm. I may knit another one as a Christmas present...
  • Audrey in Unst - I really like my cardigans slightly retro and fitted, because I wear them with dresses and skirts. I love the red version of this. I am planning on frogging an unloved sweater, so perhaps the wool could be repurposed for this.
  • Sideways Grande Cloche - I love the construction of this.
  • Campus Jacket - I was planning on knitting this anyway, and a friendly Ravelry member sent me a copy of the pattern for my birthday. Isn't that lovely?
  • Color Affection - I am hoping to knit a few more wraps and shawls this year and this elegant pattern has been on my list for some time.
  • Prolix Mitts - so cool!
  • Bellflower - Klokkeblomst
  • Lady February - so cute, and I love that style in a cardigan
  • Balls Up! - Christmas baubles
  • Little Red Riding Hood Hooded Scarf - so cute!
  • Quay - cardigan
  • Honey Cardigan - so pretty!
  • Idlewood - I really like this one. It was on my list towards the end of last year so perhaps it will actually get done this time round. 
  • Chandail - cable cardi
  • Boneyard Shawl - lovely simple pattern. 
  • Raw Honey - fingerless mitts. I want to knit these with some leftover aran yarn. If I get on OK with the pattern I may knit a few as Christmas presents.
  • Stripey Tube Hat - probably for boy #2. He wants a stripey hat in green and red (he was very specific about the colours...).
  • Moriarty: Two Colour Crochet Beanie - this one might be fore me. :) 
  • Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief 
  • Kids' Stripey Beanie - perhaps as a newborn gift for my new niece or nephew (due in December)
  • Lori Shawl - I like the simplicity of this one...
  • Kuni Shawl - again, a simple but effective pattern. 
  • Mohair Cowl Pullover - I still have a huge hank of blue handdyed Mountain Fleece mohair lying around. This pattern seems perfect for it!
  • Classic Cowl - potential Christmas Present?
  • Hitchhiker - a popular pattern and I can see why. Possible Christmas knitting?
  • Little Cable Knee Highs - these look so cool! I'd love some knee-high socks. 

In addition I'm planning a few mystery sock KALs to reduce my sock yarn stash, and of course there are all those projects that tend to sneak onto the list later on...

There are also a few ongoing projects:

  • Ripple - there is no rush for this one, it's an ongoing project that I occasionally pick up.
  • The Weekender Blanket - same for this one. It's a good one to add to whenever I fancy crocheting a few hexies. 
  • The Sock Experiment - I'm sort of making this one up as I go along...
  • Experimental Hat - knitting this one with a ball of what I assume is Noro. I lost the label years ago so can't be sure, though. Again I'm sort of making this one up.
  • Black Acer - still ongoing. It's coming on holiday with me, so hopefully there will be some more progress soon.

A friend and work colleague has also asked me if I could be persuaded to knit her a fox stole. She has no pattern for it but showed me a picture. I quite fancy trying this!


Is this achievable, do you think? I'd really REALLY like to get all these done, but then again, with the sneaky queue-jumpers that I tend to get throughout the year it's really not a certainty!

So there you go! My bags are packed, my knitting projects are chosen, and I'm now ready to go on holiday!

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  1. Oh my goodness, that's a long list (even the short one).
    I really quite like your bug. It's very interesting. The colours really did work out quite well.

  2. Oh wow he is brilliant. Kind of creepy but brilliant lol

  3. Ha...your list looks like mine...lots of projects.....and uhm..Roly....cute?....I think its funny you made him...

  4. Your Roly bug is Awesome!!! You're right the yarn texture and color changes are perfect. Congrats on the finish. BIG list, but then I am one to talk. There are just so many fun patterns out there - the temptation is great.

  5. Wow! Roly is both frightening and amazing at the same time. What a work of art that is! Looking forward to seeing your many other creations this year, Iris. Nice list!

  6. Roly is so cute! That yarn is just perfect for the project, both structure and colour.

  7. Roly is fabulous, and it's so good to meet him at last!! The yarn really is perfect. I love your list - yes there will be added projects and some will be pushed to one side, but that is the fun of the list!

  8. I cannot believed how big that roly poly is. He must be fun to play with, especially with those legs. I have knitted Sideways Grand Cloche 2-3 times. There are great tips on how to knit the top in the round and how to do less work with the cabled straps. I may have the notes in my project pages. I wasn't to knit an Idlewood as the pattern's been sitting around for quote some time. I had started one but frogged the cowl part because I was more into beanies then. I want to knit the Age of Brass and Steam. One blogger I read knitted one I think and I feel in love with it.

  9. He's HUGE!!! what a great bug.....:) so, is that list in the order that it will be completed...or just the list? What's on the needles now? Inquiring minds NEED to know! :)

  10. Love the woodlouse, the list is rather large, in fact enormous. Your needles will be on fire getting all that done. Have a great holiday.

  11. We call those Roly Polys here in the south and they just happen to be my favorite bug. I think that he is spectacular. Congrats on the list, mine is equally huge and I have high hopes but we'll see how it goes!

  12. Roly is brilliant in a creepy but equally awesome kind of way! List is fantastic, I love long lists and there are a great many items there I kind of wish I had time to make also but as I don't I'm going to watch you make them and oohhhh and ahhhh even more on them. I know your in the SolidSocks group too, I'm waiting for their new year to start in September to really get stuck in with them, have you also joined Sock Knitters Anonymous? Enjoy your holiday.

  13. I can't decide if Roly is really cute, or really creeping me out! Your list is also creeping me out, so good luck with getting through all of that! I think you must be a lot better at planning things than I am...

  14. I love the roly poly! He's adorable! Is there a pattern? ty!