Monday, June 26, 2017

All the WIPs...

... so much to do, so little time.

When I had that year off from crafting (more or less), I neglected a lot of projects, and I've been revisiting them, one by one, with a view to making some room for new projects in my life.

I've already written about the Purple Cashmere Socks, which had been languishing in my WIP pile forever, but that isn't the end of it, not at all.

I recently pulled out a truly ancient project, which was never particularly exciting to me, but which, hopefully, will eventually result in something quite useful.

Ages ago I bought some blue 100% wool yarn on ebay. When the yarn arrived I realised that it was a really dull, undefinable blue, and also not particularly soft. It felt... kind of old and fusty. But it was 100% wool, and that's always useful for felting, right?  I finally settled on a kind of satchel bag, but rather than knitting it up as a pattern and then felting it to size I thought, why not knit this up as a really sturdy rectangle and then just cut it into pieces and sew it together? And that's what I did, or rather, what I started to do. I used 3 strands of yarn together to create a really bulky and strong fabric, and started knitting.

Is there anything less exciting than a stockinette stitch rectangle in a solid colour? Needless to say, I never finished.

That is, until now! I finished the dreaded massive rectangle a couple of weeks ago and stuffed it in the washing machine. It took 3 wash cycles and an extra spin, but it finally reached the desired density. For now the felted rectangle sits on the armrest of our sofa to protect the fabric from Jack the cat, who likes to crouch up there, but I'm planning my satchel bag...

Next eternal WIP - the Blue Ripple Blanket. Again, this was started years ago, probably sometime in 2015, but in a fit of insanity I made this so wide that it would probably cover a double bed. As a result each row takes absolutely ages to crochet, and I also constantly managed to run out of yarn. I've started working on this again a few weeks ago and already had to re-order all the colours. What on earth was I thinking?

I do like this blanket, though, and I reckon if I can just bring myself to knit a few rows each week it should be done in a year or so, and without me actually having to put too much effort and time in on a day-to-day basis. 

The last project I dug out to finish are the Stripey Mitts.

ETA: piccy of the stripey mitts!

This is a project I was sort of making up as I was going along, even though I was nominally following a pattern, and I finished one mitt without writing down any instructions to replicate the pattern for the second (thanks, past self, that was helpful...) so it's going to take a bit of time to find my way back into this project. They are pretty darn cute, though, so I'm determined to wear them next winter!

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  1. Impressive that you forced your way through all that solid not-soft wool. I think felting as fabric is a great idea - gives you better control of the size and proportions of the FO. It'll make a very nice satchel. You could even add some embroidery or crocheted appliqués if you want to spruce it up.

    The double bed sized blanket will be lovely, but oh how much work! And I can't even imagine how big and heavy that's going to be as it grows! Can you do it in strips and then join them at the end?

  2. Wow! The felted wool turned out gorgeous! Great idea too. Cashmere socks....yum! I love your ripple blanket and your colors are beautiful in the way it is turning out. It's probably a great t.v. watching project. I have to have several of those around as I cannot knit and watch t.v......still. The mitts are so cute and I am planning on making some this year and now that I've seen the stripes...that is definitely the way to go....darling! I hope you will continue on with us as I truly love your projects and I too am trying to 'finish' things this year....maybe we can support each other in that effort! Hope to see you next week!

  3. What a joy to see the double bed blanket, a wonderful addition for those winter months. I love it.

  4. A satchel will be wonderful, and now you have the fabric. I love the blanket - the blues are gorgeous and it will be fantastic, but so much work. Not that, that is a bad thing, just takes a while to see results.

  5. I like that ripple, how the blue is strongly represented and then how you have some dark periwinkle and creams.

  6. I like your persistence at plugging away finishing some very beautiful things. I think that felted woolen rectangle is pretty as is, but I look forward to someday seeing the satchel you create with it. That blanket is beautiful, too. I love the blues!

  7. Good for you! Getting those WIP's out and giving them some love. I think the satchel will be great. The blanket is gorgeous, am loving the way the colors play with each other.

  8. That felted blanket is wonderful. Way to make something beautiful out of such a simple knit.
    Your blanket is worth the effort but I hear you on those endless rows.
    WIP on!!

  9. Anonymous6:34 pm

    That's such a beautiful blanket. Well done for your persistence with the satchel. I too get bored knitting stockinette, which means I currently have a very practical but dull cardigan sitting unfinished in my bedroom.

  10. Well done on finishing the solid blue rectangle. I'm looking forward to seeing your satchel in it. The ripple blanket is lovely and soothing and will be great when done, even if it's a monster to work on at the moment. Hopefully a little every week and it won't feel so bad.

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