Sunday, December 18, 2005

Checking in...

It occurs to me that I have been quiet. Very quiet.

Part of the reason for this is that life is busy around here recently. And not with xmas-related things either. I have been working rather hard, and we have been visiting MIL a lot, and somehow the days are flying by. Also, I have been reading rather a lot recently. Don't get me wrong, I always read, but I sometimes go through phases of almost obsessive devouring of anything printed and fictional that I can get my hands on.

The other reason why I haven't updated recently is that there hasn't been any knitting to show for... Well, maybe not no knitting at all, but very very little. The day only has 24 hours, y'know? ;-)

Anyway, as you can imagine, holiday knitting has gone right out of the window. There will be no River Stoles that are given as presents to amazed elderly relatives, no hats or mittens for MILs and no scarves for dads. None. I have given up on the whole idea of holiday knits.

However, there will be baby knitting. I may not have a lot to show for right now, but I have been working on a few baby knit related things for my friend who is going to give birth in the next few days. I've left it rather late, so I decided to make the Angora Baby Booties for K and her xmas baby. The simple design of the patterns in Last Minute Knitted Gifts always appeals to me:

Also, I have finally been introduced to the wonder that is double-knitting! Isn't it amazing? You knit and slip and knit and slip and then you divide the stitches onto two needles and you realise you have knitted in the round - on one pair of needles!

The booties were completed in less than 2 hours and I'm very pleased with my choice of Cashcotton DK. It's soft but not too fuzzy, and it's machine-washable, which I think must be essential for any kind of baby knitting. What I am not so sure about, however, is the booties themselves. Sure, they look cute, but they seem to me rather on the small side, even for a newborn. Is just over 3 inches in length enough? I'm also not sure they are not a bit too tight to actually pull them over a baby's foot... should have paid more attention when I was binding off, but I was watching Bleak House at the time.

To make up for it I started the bunny from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I'm using Patons Washed Haze DK for this one, because it's also machine-washable and, even though very soft, does not have any kind of haze to it:

Only the Umbilical Hat to finish after that, then the present can be sent off to K! Phew!

It never ends, though - yesterday, another friend rang me to announce that she is expecting her first in June next year. Is there such a thing as summer knitting for babies?


  1. Yes, there is such a thing as summer knitting for babies... Baby blankets!!! Baby blankets are always needed no matter when the child is born.

  2. Anonymous8:56 pm

    Those booties are cute. If they are too small for the baby, and it's a girl, she can use them for her doll when and if she has some later. I've ordered that book for Christmas and can't wait.
    Your cat is so pretty, give him a hug for me.

  3. Anonymous9:23 pm

    The booties are sweet and I like the colour. I love seeing babies in bright shades, rather than pastel pinks or blues. I must admit, my children were born in May (a warm one) and never wore their knitted presents, so just in case next June is a hot one too, why not knitted toys like this cute rabbit?

  4. Anonymous10:23 pm

    Hey Iris - they are gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful knitting per the norm, Iris. The booties are adorable and three inches sounds just right for a newborn (unless the baby is one of those that arrives the size of a six month old...which happens, but so rarely).

    Please let us know how the bunny knits up. I am interested in making that one...but alas, something to put on my "to do" list.

    Did I miss your lovely kitty's name? Looks as if he/she is the master of the domain!

    Have a wonderful week and don't work too and enjoy the holiday season.


  6. You knit and slip and knit and slip and then you divide the stitches onto two needles and you realise you have knitted in the round - on one pair of needles!

    See, things like that always sound so easy until I try to figure them out!

    You're knitting karma has landed at my house. I've even begun My So-Called Scarf. I was thinking of making it, and then I saw yours and I had to make it. And don't worry, you're not the only one with far fewer knitting gifts then planned for the holidays.

    Maybe my goal will be to make as many Christmas gifts as possible this winter. The Winter Olympics should be good for that.

    And which kitty is that?

  7. Lovely kitty! I'm sure the booties will be fine (unless it's a ginormous baby) - newborns always surprise me because they're so teeny tiny.
    For the summer baby you could always knit things in 6 month size - my SIL was inundated with newborn size stuff, but then had nothing in 6 month size! Also, they can wear a 6 month jumper earlier just by rolling the sleeves up.

  8. Anonymous11:45 am

    Thereare some lovely soft cottons out there that you could knit up for little ones. Even if it's hot, when the sun goes down they might need a little jacket or two.

  9. Anonymous12:12 pm

    The booties are way too cute. I've bought the same shade of wool to knit my friend a jumper for her baby but the other day I found out she's having a girl so I hope the green is unisex? I love the teddy too..........perhaps I'll be making another book purchase soon!

  10. Anonymous6:37 pm

    love those booties - great colour.

    stroke your cat for me... I had better go and stroke mine, she is meeping!

  11. Very cute booties! I've never done any baby knits and often think I would like an excuse to knit something so tiny ;)