Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Holiday Secret Pal parcel

Apparently our electrician is trying for a repeat of the no-show saga of last week. Although he turned up yesterday and did some of the work AND promised to be here by 8.30am today, there is still no sign of him. It's 3.25pm now... something is telling me that he won't turn up today.

On the plus side this meant that I was able to go to the Post Office to pick up some parcels and see what I got:

Isn't this amazing? I am absolutely speechless. Thank you so much Holiday Secret Pal!!

There are two balls of Regia Sock yarn in a very pretty red white and grey colour, which is called 'Norweger Ringel Color'. Then there are two more balls of sock yarn, this time Patons Kroy Socks in a lovely muted shade of grey and brown. I love both the Regia and the Patons - socks, here I come!!

Then there is one ball of Bamboo yarn in a delicious rich red colour. This is from the South West Trading Company. The difference to wool is so interesting - although this yarn is very soft it feels totally different. Where wool is warm to the touch, this is cool and smooth. I have wanted to try Bamboo yarn for a long time now, so I'm absolutely thrilled by this.

Then there were two bags with the most delicious samples of roving. I think you can just about make it out on the picture - one is a blend of purple and pink and the other a blend of different shades of green with a little bit of purple thrown in. It feels very soft to the touch - I wonder what type of fibre this is?

But this is not all there is. Next I found a very cute lamb tape measure. I ended up pulling all the limbs before I found where the tape measure was actually hidden (its one of the 'arms') - it really made me laugh! This will be put to good use, I promise. :-) Then there is a set of Clover bamboo needles (4.5mm). I love knitting with bamboo needles, so this is great, and 4.5mm is such a useful size. There was also a set of sock-shaped point protectors (so useful!) and a little something that I assume is a stitch marker. It has little beads all the way round and looks very cute. Last but not least, there was a pattern for a lacey cardigan - 'Sweet Mary Jane' from KnitPicks. This is definitely going on my to-knit list for this summer!

Here is another picture of all the yummy yarn and fibre close up, although you may not be able to see the little stitch marker very well. Will have to take another picture of it tomorrow...

This was such a fantastic parcel, I don't know how to thank you enough!! Thank you Holiday Secret Pal, this really made my day!


  1. Lovely lovely stuff - what are you going to knit first?!

  2. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Wow!!! What a parcel! You lucky girl... I am not the jealous type, but today I feel positively envious.

  3. Anonymous10:14 pm

    What a haul! Lucky Chick

  4. What a nice package!

    I love that Mary Jane pattern too.

  5. Whew...I thought for sure the postie has lost it. I was getting worried...but I feel much better now that it is safely at your home.

    I was tickled to be your Holiday SP...your blog is amazing, your knitting is fantastic and the fact that you spin, just puts it all over the top.

    Have a wonderful holiday...I'll be checking your blog often to see what you are up to.


  6. Anonymous10:55 am

    Nice pressies! I keep on meaning to try the bamboo yarn. Thanks for the description.

  7. Anonymous6:16 pm

    I'm leaving a quickie note here as well as sending you an email. I've had an email or two bounce back to me, so I wanted to make extra sure. Just let you know that I had a chat with a very nice man at the post office ;-) 4-7 days if all goes well.

    Secret Pal

  8. Wow, that's an excellent parcel. I got some of that colourway in regia in Paris - yet to start it but I really like the combination.

  9. Anonymous2:29 pm

    your comment led me to your blog - thank you!! I love your photos, pictures and projects - the greek and the hourglass turned out wonderful - they are both on my want-to-do list...And lucky you to find such treasures in the mail!