Monday, April 16, 2007

Happiness is...

... a Sunday afternoon in the garden while the sun is out.

... admiring the fragile flowers on the fruit trees.

... working on the vegetable patch and spotting the first few shoots coming up (these are my mangetout pea seedlings)

... just sitting back with a cold beer and watching the cat (who thinks the new vegetable garden is a fabulous huge cat latrine -blegh!)

... the first BBQ of the season (although it was rather tricky to light sodden charcoal, but the grilled chicken was divine!)

It's good to do nothing in particular sometimes.

~ * ~

My blog seems to be on some kind of hiatus. Not that I want it to be, but somehow I am managing to start most days with thinking "today I am going to update the blog" only to realise when I go to bed that once again I've forgotten to do just that. I have a new resolution, though - from now on, I will update the blog at least once a week and I will only skip the update if I am away. We'll see how I go with that.

Things are good here, the bean is starting to enjoy some solid food, we have finally made a start on painting the walls in his room, and the recently lovely and warm weather has meant that I have also started my very own vegetable patch! And there has even been some crafting and knitting. We are content. Life is good. I think it was this that gave me the idea of starting this little series of posts about what makes me happy.


  1. It definitely looks like Spring is coming to your little corner of the world! Enjoy!

  2. Anonymous2:54 pm

    What a nice update! I especially like the cat action-shot!

  3. Gorgeous blossom picture! Hope your little one is enjoying the solids - a wonderful adventurous time!

  4. Hasn't the weather been fabulous? So lovely, after what seems like such a long winter. Glad to hear life is treating you well.

  5. Lovely pictures - "Beans" always consume huge amounts of time.