Thursday, September 11, 2008

Does anyone elses home look that chaotic?

Actually, don't answer that, it's most likely just going to depress me...

Living with toddlers is not beneficial to tidy surroundings. *sigh*

I'm not sure why I am subjecting people to this, and this is a particularly bad day, and clearly pre-evening tidy up, but with all the nesting that's been going on here recently I guess it's been on my mind. Isn't it strange how mess breeds mess? And how it ends up cluttering your mind?

I admit, I'm not the tidiest person, but I've been trying to get organised for little Tick and part of that is to declutter. Over time we've been given so much stuff for the Bean and I've been going through it all, giving stuff away and storing other things away for later re-use by Tick.

Not that this is going to prevent further mess, but a girl can have her illusions, right? Also, it takes my mind off the article I'm supposed to write... although that is maybe not such a good thing. ;-)

I've also finished the Baby Raglan that I've been knitting. Sadly the colour didn't come out at all - it's a very light sage green - but I'm hoping to get another shot when Tick can actually model the sweater.


  1. Your home looks perfectly normal to me! Cute little sweater - I'm sure Tick will look gorgeous in it. :-)

  2. Anonymous11:23 pm

    Looks normal to me too! Life with kids is NEVER clean. Even when they go to school. :)

  3. Blimey! Your place looks positively minimalist compared to mine, and we don't even have kids (the cat is pretty tidy, apart from bringing in the odd burr/dead animal). I thought G's place was really tidy when I first saw it. Turns out it was a lack of furniture! And I brought even more!

  4. Your home looks normal for a house with young children. No worries!

  5. I agree with the others - your home looks normal. My daughter is 14 and she loves more junk around now than she did when she was little! :)

  6. My flat looks a LOT worse than that - and I live on my own! I've only just removed the bits of tent that were strewn across the living room to dry... And as for the bits of yarn that are, er, everywhere...

  7. I don't have kids either and my home is easily as chaotic as yours!! I keep threatening to throw a bunch of stuff out to make tidying up simpler, but I never quite seem to get around to it.

  8. Looks perfectly normal to me!

    I do like that little sweater, can't wait to see it being modelled ;)