Thursday, March 05, 2009

Random post...

... in which I gush over recent acquisitions.

MIL is moving house soon and, in the spirit of getting herself organised, has been clearing out a lot of stuff. She used to sew quite a bit, although not so much recently, and she also, over the years, acquired a lot of sewing materials that came from other members of the family. And since she knows that I'm always interested in adding to my already far too large stash she asked me if I wanted to have a look to see if I wanted any of the things she was thinking of throwing out.

First on the list was a stack of old sewing patterns - isn't that 60s dress pattern adorable? I think it originally came from D's gran.

Then there was a higgledy-piggledy stash of fabrics. I only took some of them, and no, I obviously have no idea what to use them for.

And then there was some linen - a beautiful embroidered tablecloth and napkins (what is it about crisp white linen that's just so irresistible?) and two pieces of fabric that I assume were samplers, with some pretty stitching.

My stash may already have reached critical mass, but can you blame me for taking these little treasures home with me?

Oh, and the first picture is of course Unwrapped again - I couldn't resist taking a picture when I saw the sun shining on her like that. I'm knitting the first sleeve now so soon, soon...


  1. No-one could blame you for stash enhancement ;) My Gran is forever having a clear out and offers me all sorts of fabric, most of which I just *have* to have ;)

  2. Anonymous9:56 pm

    I love old tablecloths and napkins...I have a stack of them from my Grandma too.

  3. Oh no, you have to take just about anything offered by family! (I'm sentimental about those things.) I have several of the patterns S's grandma used for his sister. They're just too cute!

  4. You got a lovely collection of essentials there. Makes me happy just seeing them, you must be over the moon.

  5. I don't blame you - there's some lovely things there. The linen looks fantastic!