Friday, March 20, 2009

Unwrapped is finally wrapped.

Yes, that's right - I've finished my first big knitting project since Tick was born. Thanks to all those hours I sit in the car with my two sleeping babies (Bean refuses to nap anywhere else these days... *sigh*) I managed to finish Unwrapped this week. I wove in the ends yesterday, and hey, presto! A new jumper for me. And unexpectedly it's even suitable for nursing...

... well, kind of. When trying it on today I realised that I can pull the v-neck down to uncover the relevant bits, so even though I can hear the poor jumper screaming at such treatment at least I get to wear this piece before it gets too warm for it.

I quickly too some photographs while the sun was shining into the lounge so the jumper is not blocked yet and rolls quite a bit at the bottom. Not that I care! ;-)

This has been such an enjoyable project. I never thought I could enjoy knitting something on 3.25 mm needles so much! I used almost exactly 7 balls of Rowan Felted Tweed (which is fabulous - why, oh why did they discontinue it?) and considering the small needle size it knitted up fairly quickly.

Some alterations:
1) My gauge was off, so I guestimated the size - luckily it fits really well! I ended up knitting the smallest size to make up for 2 cm that my gauge was off, lengthwise.
2) I made the body longer. Somehow, if I follow knitting patterns regarding the length they always turn out slightly too short for me. I must have an extra-long torso or something...
3) I gave the jumper long belled sleeves. I don't particularly like short-sleeved jumpers. They are not something I tend to wear.
4) I altered the bottom of the jumper. My version only has a slit on one side, and I only used one repeat of the lace pattern at the bottom and the end of the sleeves.

One mistake: I somehow messed up the lace (not really lace but a textured stitch pattern) at the neckline. The slipped stitches are not supposed to line up but to alternate. It's not particularly noticeable so I may or may not undo the neck... Right now I'm kind of done with this and want to wear it for a bit!

And what next?

Out of the chaos of my everyday life emerges another knitting project. This time it's Ingenue from Wendy Bernard's Custom Knits. :-)


  1. Thats really nice and suits you well. I like the way it rolls up at the bottom.

  2. Wow, that looks amazing - it really suits you! Congrats on getting it finished!

  3. Anonymous4:23 am

    It looks fantastic on you! Great job!

  4. love your gray sweater. great job!

  5. Beautiful - well done!

  6. It looks beautiful on you!

  7. Beautiful sweater! It looks wonderful on you.