Thursday, May 07, 2009

The sea is on the naughty step...

Hornsea, East Yorkshire.

Bean has a thing about the naughty step. I think the older boy at the childminder's he goes to a couple of times a week might visit that step sometimes when he needs a few minutes to get his little self back together, and Bean thinks it's the coolest thing ever that people who are NAUGHTY are sent to sit there. "I put the timer on!" he exclaims whenever anyone does something he deems naughty. It's never him, though. Funny, that...

The sea, the poor thing, never gets to leave the naughty step at all. After all, who wouldn't have to be sent for a time out for continuously teasing and pretending to come and get you?

The truth is, Bean is a little scared of the sea. I think it's D's fault, because the last time we were at the beach he told Bean that the sea was coming and that they would have to run so it wouldn't get them. It's stuck in his impressionable toddler mind and refuses to be dislodged. This time, just to make sure, he insisted on being carried the entire time. As long as his feet didn't touch the sand he was safe, you see? The only place he agreed to walk was behind the sea defences and he had fun chucking a few stones into the rock pools, but on the actual beach? "Noooo! Daddy carry me!"

We had a good time - a beautiful early summer day, not many people around (nobody seems to go to Hornsea), and some bacon sandwiches in Eddie the van. What could be better?

A windy but bright day.

Brotherly affection... and some gazing out onto the sea from the safety of the van.

Also, I've been sewing a bit - mainly trousers for Tick (here he is wearing a pair made from some curtain off-cuts!). It's hard to fit a cloth nappy bum into normal 6-9 months trousers, so some wide-leg pants were needed. I used the tutorial that SouleMama has in her book The Creative Family - so easy! She wasn't kidding when she said that it only takes 15 minutes to make these trousers. I might have to raid my fabric stash and makes some more...


  1. Hornsea does look lovely. Amazing that it was so quiet.

    I think I was a bit scared of the sea as a child, though I can't remember why exactly ;)

  2. I seem to remember my nephews having some trousers from a company called cut4cloth or something similar to accommodate cloth nappies! I loved reading your beach adventures.

  3. Fab trousers and lovely seaside pics. :-)