Tuesday, April 21, 2009


... is in the air.

1. Ingenue, drying after her first wash - more photos and soecs to come.
2. little baby feet, uncovered in the warm weather
3. No-purl Monkey sock in a suitably sunny Easter colour (still life with vegetable seedlings)
4. cat, basking in the sunshine
5. Easter hat for Bean (aka. the hat-in-5-minutes panic project for a forgotten toddler group egg hunt)

I've been busy recently - there have been articles to finish, little people to look after, friends to entertain, Easter eggs to hide (and eat) and MILs to move into new homes. And all the while the weather has got warmer and warmer, and the sun suddenly seems to have strength again. The daffodils have come and gone, and the bluebells are nearly out. It's a good season. :-)

Hope you are enjoying spring too!


  1. Donyale11:19 pm

    Sigh - Spring - hmmmm, looks divine - I love Spring. We are heading into Autumn - isn't that weird?

  2. Ingenue looks lovely. That book is on my wish list :)

    Isn't it lovely to think that the awful winter weather is FINALLY over? It seems to have been such a long winter!