Sunday, June 22, 2014

Simple Things Sunday

I've been reading blogs again, and on  Rebecca's blog Simple As That, I came across this photographic contemplation of the week. Since I'm always looking for excuses to take more photographs I thought I'd give it a go.

What I like most about photography is that it encourages you to look at the world with fresh eyes. To pay attention to the little things. The simple things. The small and the ordinary things. It takes those things and celebrates them and shows them in their extraordinary beauty. Having children does something quite similar because little children do all this quite naturally. There is no hierarchy of interest, no 'this is not important'. It's all fascinating, it's all beautiful.

We did oh so much this week, but this weekend we stayed close to home. The weather has been great, and we played in the garden. Today we went to the allotment to harvest strawberries and do some weeding. Hubby cut the grass. In the late afternoon we watched a movie together. It's been a lovely weekend, perhaps even more so because it was so 'ordinary': gardening, playing, watching films. Simple.

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