Thursday, June 26, 2014


Things don't always work out the way we want them to. I was going to give a progress report today, or rather, yesterday, but with one thing and another I don't really have much to show for. Yes, the pink socks are progressing at a fairly steady rate and I've even managed to turn the heel during a brief post-dinner knitting moment at my lovely friend Amy's house, but a just-turned-the-heel-sock isn't all that photogenic so it doesn't make for a very amazing progress picture. I think I shall wait a day or two until I photograph it again.

Crafting has been slow this week. I've had work, obviously, and various lengthy meetings too, and then there were evening engagements, which always means that valuable crafting time is lost. Then boy #2 went on his first ever residential trip and promptly had to come home again that very evening with mild concussion because he ran into another little boy while chasing around. He's fine, but that whole incident obviously made for a rather exciting and knitting-free evening! At least the poor little lad was able to go back the following evening after a day of observation at home. I felt rather bad for him missing out on all the fun.

I've done some thinking about the blog, though. I'll give it a few weeks of course to see if I can truly get back into the habit of posting regularly, but if so I'll have to think about some changes.

1) the name needs to change - I don't even live in Middle England anymore! So that means at the very least a new banner.

2) I think I could do with a tighter framework for the blog. It at once provides some structure for regular posting and it can help me stretch my crafting and photography habits a bit. I've already started this with #simplethingssunday. I like the idea of capturing and posting something from the week, a moment, an activity, something simple yet memorable. It's a lovely way of celebrating the end of each wonderful week, a way of taking stock and of looking back and reflecting and appreciating.

I think, though, I could do with a few more of these. Perhaps not for every day - it's nice to have a bit of freedom too, and I may also not be able to update quite THAT often! I'm contemplating adding a couple more set days, though. I may do Soulemama's This Moment Friday because it's another way of stretching my photography skills and appreciating those little moments. I'm also part of a few Flickr photography groups, so something from there may well feed into the blog too.

And then of course there are the crafting updates. Perhaps I'll reserve a day for those too. That should bring me up to something like this:

Tuesday: WIP Update Tuesday
Friday:  This Moment 

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