Saturday, November 29, 2014

Es weihnachtet sehr...

... one of those untranslatable things... It christmasses a lot?!   ;)

In any case, that's what it's doing at our house. We will be in Germany over Christmas this year, so we thought we'd start a little early. The boys love all the decorations, and all that 'getting ready', so we've had a fun afternoon decorating our rather rickety old tree. 

We inherited this tree years ago from MIL, who in turn had inherited it from someone else in D's family, so by now this Christmas tree is rather a senior citizen, and it does show. Every year there are less needles and it looks a bit more wobbly, and every year I think about finally going back to a real tree (we stopped having them when we had the boys), but this year, with not even being here for the main event, it seems a bit nonsensical, and the boys love the fake tree anyway and protested loudly last year when I raised the idea that we might buy a real fir tree. 

Every year I feel as if I won't be able to get into the Christmas spirit at all - this time of year is so busy for all of us and every time I feel I could have done with a few extra weeks - but then, when those decorations come out, and the smell of cinnamon and spices permeates the house, it just happens. 

And that glass of mulled wine that D pressed into my hands earlier might have helped a bit too. ;)


  1. I've never grown up with a real tree. I don't care because it's all about the ornaments and their special histories. Yours look terrific.

  2. Trees and ornaments with stories attached are the best ones! Must admit, ours is a fake tree we bought the first year we were married, but a lot of the ornaments have stories attached to them!