Thursday, December 04, 2014

Christmas preparations...

I realise that I've been more than a little bit rubbish with keeping y'all updated on my knitting and crochet progress these past couple of weeks, but Christmas-time is busy-time, you know? Will you believe me when I say that I have been crocheting? And knitting? I just haven't had time to take good pictures and prepare a blog post. Every time I think of it, or have some time, it's evening and I so dislike taking photographs of knitting in anything other than daylight... 

Anyway, please believe me when I say that I will do a BIG progress update next week - either Sunday or Wednesday, depending on how I survive this weekend, because I'm hosting a Christmas party for my work colleagues and their families on Saturday and well, it's crept up on me a bit. I spent this morning while boy #3 was at preschool frantically preparing potato salad and pumpkin soup. I even started on a batch of Christmas cookies because hosting a do and not having a single homebaked cookie in the house? That's just lame. ;-)

Anyway, I got the dough prepared, and then, this evening, the three little terrors helped me cut out shapes and we baked a few batches. 

They turned out really well, which was something that wasn't exactly lost on the boys, and they managed to eat dozens of them when I wasn't looking, but I think if I hide most of them away tonight there will still be enough for the do on Saturday. 


  1. These look delicious! I'm coming by soon to pick up some!

  2. What a wonderful time, making some great memories. They look delicious.

  3. Anonymous4:40 pm

    they turned out festively fabulous x