Friday, February 27, 2015

Enforced Intermission...

As you might have noticed, I'm taking a few weeks off from blog writing. This is not really because I don't want to post, and it won't be for long either, but right now work is so busy that I'm finding it very difficult to juggle all the things that I have to get done. Since blogging, for me, is a non-profit activity, and not a family activity, but purely my personal pleasure, when things get that busy it tends to be the aspect of my life that suffers first. I have been knitting and crafting when I've had a minute, though, so I'm very much looking forward to showing you what I've been up to. Soon, soon...

Now, if I can just get through the next week or so it should get a (teensy) bit easier after that and I may even find a minute for a proper update here AND catch up on all the things you've undoubtedly been up to. I can hardly wait! :)

For now, farewell, and hope to see you all again very soon.



  1. I totally get it, I'm kind of doing the same. Not necessarily on purpose, but I hardly have snapped a photo and really don't have much to post right now--just so busy with the mundane. ;)

  2. Good luck with all the things you've got to do!