Monday, February 02, 2015


I made a hat for boy#3!

Actually, it was meant to be a hat for boy#1. A while ago he 'helped' me spin a leftover bit of orange fleece I had lying around and he was so proud of the resulting yarn that I decided there and then that I'd knit something for him with it. Last Friday I cast on, but it became quickly apparent that there just wasn't enough of it to make a hat for him. Boy#1 generously suggested that boy#3 could have his yarn, so I cast on again for a smaller hat. 

As it turned out there STILL wouldn't have been enough yarn, but I found a tiny leftover bit of white handspun which was very similar in thickness. It worked perfectly and I think actually makes the hat look so much more cute than a uniform orange hat would have looked!

Pattern moderations:

I roughly followed the pattern for Jason's Tweed Hat but altered it to suit my requirements.

With a 6mm cable needle, I cast on 42 stitches with the German cast-on (I love this cast-on method because it's so stretchy and gives a lovely edge). I knitted k3 p3 to about 4-5 inches from cast-on edge, and then followed the decreasing instructions from the pattern. 

This was such a quick knit - I cast on Friday afternoon, and Friday evening it was finished. Boy#3 loves his hat - he spent most of Saturday running around the house, wearing it. :) 

Ravelry page for the hat is HERE.

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  1. What a lovely little hat? And all the more special as your boy helped you. I love the colour and agree the second colour makes it.

  2. Cute! a nice new hat with a story! Love it!

  3. He is so handsome. Terrific beanie. I like how the white came out like a bull's eye.

  4. A great hat, a real delight.

  5. Anonymous8:54 am

    What a handsome wee man you have with an equally handsome hat, I love the cream along with the orange.

  6. So cute! I agree that the little bit of white makes it even cuter - the orange really pops with the contrast! And isn't boy #1 generous! I hope you have another hat planned for him!

  7. He is adorable as well as the hat. I agree that the white bit adds a bit of pop and whimsy to the hat. My friend was just raving about the German cast on--I guess I better go youtube it to see what it is all about.

  8. So cute...boy and hat! What a nice big brother he has too.