Friday, October 02, 2015

A very quick FO

If only all craft projects were this quick then all my Christmas presents would be already done!

Cast on one morning, finished the same evening, the Holbrook hat was a joy to complete and I am so pleased to have finally found the right project for this big and bulky monster of a yarn. 

Have you ever knitted with super-bulky slubby yarn before? It's a bit of a bear, to be honest. The needles are unwieldy, and the yarn, because of its slubbiness, does not want to pull through your fingers and continues to get stuck. It was pretty good fun for a hat, but I'd be hesitant to do a much bigger project in a yarn like that and by the end of the evening my wrists were hurting from the strain of working with it. 

That said, it's perfect present yarn, because what other project could you complete that quickly? 

I'm half tempted to keep this one for myself because it's just soooo cuddly and cozy, but I'm determined to give it to my step sister, who is studying to become a vet. She also works at a veterinary centre to earn some money and for that she works outside quite a bit so this hat will keep her warm in the winter. 

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  1. That is an impressive hat and made so quickly, the perfect gift.

  2. I don't think I've ever knit with yarn that bulky, but sure gives a pretty result!

  3. Great beanie. It looks cozy and cushy. She'll love it! No I haven't tried out this yarn. I love bulky yarn but the knitting is a lot slower and can make my hands tired.

  4. Love that! Thanks for sharing.

  5. You're doing a lot better than I did with slubby yarn - I ended up selling it on ebay!

  6. Oh! I love big chunky knits! Always so inspiring!