Thursday, October 22, 2015

WIP update - on a Thursday!

I normally try to update on a Wednesday, but this week is kind of getting away from me. I don't really quite know why, but I feel frazzled and tired and sort of drained. Perhaps I'm coming down with something? Or is it the colder weather that's getting me down? 

On the upside, I do have some progress to report on. I'm still crocheting the Spice of Life, but the fifth pattern piece is a bit of a monster, because it's basically a repeat of all the previous pattern pieces in order to add length to the blanket. Well then... this may take me a while! I'm plodding on with it, but in the meantime I've also been dividing my time between this project and my Christmas present plans, so I've made a pair of fingerless mitts (I'll introduce those tomorrow) and have already cast on for another pair of mitts, this time not fingerless. I am using aran yarn, which makes these projects satisfyingly quick and I'm hoping to crank out this other pair by the end of the week. I'm planning on knitting another pair after that, but I'll stick with these first so I can add them to the 'done' pile and feel good about my progress. :)

The pattern I'm using for these is 'Maize'.

I've also got a whole lot of glazed pottery back this week. Honestly, I had forgotten how much of it there was. I was pleased to see that a lot of it came out looking OK, despite the fact that I'm learning something about myself - I don't enjoy glazing. I find the process kind of tedious but nerve-wrecking at the same time, because you can ruin a perfectly good pot by applying glaze haphazardly. Overall I think I might be more interested in shape than in colour... 

That said, here are a few examples that I felt had turned out well:

And last but not least, the bowls that the boys made and told me to glaze according to their instructions were finished too - they are absolutely thrilled with them. :)

If I continue at this rate I'll run out of room soon, even if I give gifts to family and friends, so my plan is to set up a folksy shop to sell some pieces. 

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  1. You've certainly been productive, and your holiday knitting so organised! Setting up a little shop sounds like a wonderful idea :)

  2. I know what you mean about the Spice of Life, the thought of repeating it all again threw me a bit the different pattern changes kept it interesting but doing them over not so much. Thank you for the link to the fingerless mitts they look nice and easy, your pottery is lovely I tried it once but the results were terrible your pieces are beautiful and the boys have done really well too. Have a great day. :)

  3. Anonymous11:59 am

    That bird dish is so lovely!

  4. your pottery is beautiful!

  5. Um, if you were to sell that lovely green and terra cotta bowl, how much and how big is it. Just wondering, LOL! Gorgeous stuff!!!!

  6. The bird dish is beautiful and I love the glaze. Such a great idea to sell something that you love making. Good luck with the new venture.

  7. Love your pottery, all of it, especially the boys pieces! Can't wait to see your spice of life.

  8. Your pottery is so fun! I feel tired too. I seriously need a nap but no time. I hope to get a good night's sleep tonight.

  9. Oh I love your pottery!! It is gorgeous and your pieces are just amazing, I love the interesting shapes you achieved but the boys bowls totally win hands down on the cute factor! They are awesome!

  10. The pottery is looking most impressive!