Monday, May 22, 2017

Catching up...

Doesn't this look amazing?

I actually have no reason for posting this, but it made me happy this weekend. The first locally grown strawberries are always a highlight of early summer for me, and these were absolutely delicious. 

Despite this rather misleading start this post is actually not about strawberries but about catching up on all those neglected FOs that I never posted about. It's time I update my Ravelry list, so without further ado I present:

The Boneyard Shawl

The Boneyard Shawl was started almost well over a year ago (heck, make that nearly 2 years ago) when I purchased some gorgeously soft Seidenstrasse yarn at a little wool shop on Borkum in the north of Germany. I cast on for this shawl there and then, and despite slow progress I finished it in September 2016. It's an easy and effective pattern but I still found working it a little boring. Apparently I'm not much of a shawl knitter... 

I do like the finished product, though, and actually wear it fairly regularly, so I'm glad I persevered. 


The second FO is the Bias Knit Sari Silk Scarf

This was a stash-busting project. Do you remember when Sari Silk yarn was all the rage? All those years ago? Yeah, that's when I bought this skein from a little online yarn shop called Hip Knits. I think it closed down years ago but they used to have lovely hand-dyed silk yarns and I used them quite a bit at the time. 

Anyway, since I had this skein of Sari Silk languishing at the bottom of one of my yarn boxes I thought this pattern would make a good stash buster because you basically knit until you run out of yarn and presto, you have a scarf!

This was super quick - I started on 17th Dec and finished on 21st Dec 2015 in the midst of my flurry of xmas knitting at the time, but then I never actually posted about it. 

So there you go, two neglected FOs, finally documented! :) 

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  1. Shawl and scarf knitting do take patience although your scarf went quickly. Those are usually good for TV watching as long as they aren't lace and charted lol.

  2. I love boring knitting....I may have to make that shawl! LOL! My daughter was telling me about sari silk yarn made from old saris....great idea. She is making scarves and gets her sari yarn on Etsy. Now, I get to see what she was talking about.....lovely!

  3. Good for you on finishing your old WIP's. I like the first one as it's a staple that can be worn with anything.

  4. Both scarves look lovely.

  5. I'm feeling you are sort of my alter-ego....I'm loving our local berries, too (which are almost done----luckily I've eaten more than my share this year, and put up 6 batches of jam!) and am trying to catch up on all those elusive FOs that have made it to my wardrobe but look like they are still trying to get finished if you look in ravelry!!! (I think I might still have some of that sari silk kicking around somewhere, too.....your scarf turned out great!)

  6. Shawl knitting is a bit of an endurance sport! I have one that I was knitting on when pregnant but haven't touched since my daughter was born!