Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Pottery FO

I haven't had much time for any sustained pottering in recent months, but every so often I spend a few hours, mainly at our dining table. The pottery shed is pretty much functional by now (maybe the topic of another post), and Betty the monumental kiln, although still not connected (looong story mainly to do with electricity supplies and long cables, so pretty boring really), is getting closer to being functional (also perhaps the topic of another post), but it's been cold around here, and if it's cold around here it's always even colder in the pottery shed. D has put an ancient gas heater in there for me but it looks lethal and I'm scared to switch it on and possibly blow myself up in the process... 

So until it gets warmer I prefer sitting in our dining room. Not much dining happens in there anyway, because we mainly eat in the kitchen. And also, the rats live in there now, so really I should call it the 'rat room' (that's again another story - I have quite a selection of future blog posts lined up now!). Anyway, what's a bit of clay between friends (and family, and cats, and rats...)? Sitting in there has the added benefit that I'm not absenting myself entirely from parenting - I can still hear and see everyone, and I can still go and fetch drinks, and food, and look for lost stuff. :)

A little while ago I was experimenting with different textures in clay. I started a vessel at the pottery class I occasionally go to and then I borrowed some plaster moulds to pour slip onto at home so I could finish the project in my own time. The result was this:

It's a stoneware vessel, glazed very simply with cobalt oxide. I absolutely love it. :)


  1. It is beautiful I love it.

  2. That is cool pottery; yeah, it totally looks like you plucked it out of molten rock before it cooled.