Saturday, July 28, 2018

100 of 10 - Day 6 - Haunted Mansion

A few days ago I discovered Noordwijk's haunted mansion. 

Well, haunted hotel, really, and I have no idea if it's haunted, obviously, but it certainly looks like it is. I stopped cycling and took photographs because it's truly creepy-looking, even more so because it's in an otherwise immaculate row of quite large and well-kept houses and apartment blocks. It really sticks out and I'd love to know why it's been empty for so long. It was a hotel, that much is obvious from the still present sign 'HOTEL SONNEVANCK' at the front, but it's obviously been empty for a good long while, judging by the state of disrepair and decay. 

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  1. It looks very run-down, and I wouldn't like to try that balcony! Fine photo, and welcome to the Challenge.

    By the way, I've enjoyed browsing your Ravelry Page ;)

  2. There is something quite eerie about it.

  3. Beautiful monochrome.

  4. Oh yeah...definitely looks like it's haunted! Perhaps the neighbors are afraid if it's torn down and replaced the ghosts will get mad and haunt them!

  5. I love the photo it tells exactly what you have said with your words.

    Luisa xx