Wednesday, September 05, 2018

A Year of Projects - Red Riding Hood

Ah well, it's only... wait... three days late? Hardly anything!

In any case, here is my contribution to A Year of Projects for this week. It's been a bit of a step side-ways, it has to be said. I suddenly fell in love with hooded scarves on Ravelry and just had to make one. I ordered yarn, bought a pattern (which is really not necessary - they are the simplest thing to make! If only I'd known!), and off I went.

It was a very very quick project. With super-bulky yarn and a huge 10mm crochet hook this one was finished in 2 days. I did mess around with it a bit afterwards, but that was because it came out a tad small - clearly I should have gone up another hook size or two - but overall this was so very quick that I don't think I'll be able to resist making another one at some point. And boy #3 has already announced that he'd like one, so there is that...

As it was, although I followed the basic pattern I added quite a few rows to the hood and scarf and even lengthened both ends of the scarf by about 20 stitches on each side. The seams are visible, but since it's all wound round and round it's not particularly noticeable. 

I think if anyone were to make this, it's probably better to go by length rather than stitch count, because the pattern (being a scarf with an attached rectangle) is so simple and it would avoid any of the issues with gauge. 

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  1. You're so cute modeling your hooded scarf, Iris! I think I would like one of those (I'm not much of a hat wearer these days), but I'd need a coat that would work with one. My present one would not, I don't think. But I'm overdue for a new winter coat. I must keep the idea of a hooded scarf in mind when I try on different styles.

    I love the color you made yours in, and it looks so good on you!

  2. I love it! What a great and satisfying project.

  3. Looks great, it is nice to do a quick project that gives you something wearable.

  4. so so lovely - the pattern, the colour and the model.

  5. This looks SO cozy and great for windy days.