Sunday, September 09, 2018

Old FO - my Casual Orange Jumper

I actually finished this jumper a little while ago but then never got round to blogging about it. 

It was one of my stash-busting projects and I pretty much used up every tiny scrap of this yarn to finish it. Originally I'd hoped that this would be a cowl, but cowls take a lot of yarn and I had only three skeins of Jaeger Shetland to work with. 

This is knitted bottom-up and when I got towards the neck I made a quick decision, scrapped the cowl, and went with a simple scooped raglan neckline instead. I had kept a bit of yarn aside for the sleeves and I basically knitted them bit by bit, together, so I could figure out how far the yarn would go. 

I'm actually pretty happy with this project - I've not worn it much yet because I finished it in July and it's been so hot since, but I'm anticipating getting quite a  bit of wear out of it this autumn and possibly even in winter if I layer it with a long-sleeved top. 

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  1. The perfect fall color. You did quite well using every bit of the yarn. I really like the sleeve length too.

  2. A beautiful make, I love the colour of the yarn.

  3. Love it!

    Also, and maybe this is because I'm quite a bit larger than you....but I cannot imagine a cowl requiring more yarn than a sweater. I think my handspun cowl was only something like 250-300 yds (it's more of a long infinity scarf because I don't like things tight up against my neck that have to be tugged snuggly over my head). I don't think my Rathmore was much beyond that, either. I suppose if you're doing one of those super tall, somewhat wide cowls that can be pulled up over your head kind of like a hood....maybe? I don't know.

    But I love the sweater.

    I need to get back to mine.......

  4. I thought the same thing as Renee but then I figured you meant a cowl neckline on the sweater? What a great fall sweater! You did a beautiful job and especially re-designing as you went along so as not to run out of yarn. I'm not that talented to do that but maybe someday.

  5. It's really nice and the colour couldn't be better for Autumn :)

    Luisa x

  6. It is beautiful - Simple and elegant, and I love the colour.

  7. Very elegant and a wonderful color for Fall.

  8. I love it, it looks so beautiful on you!

  9. Looks great on you, the colour suits you really well.