Monday, September 11, 2006

One fine morning...

There is something incredibly comforting about a hot cup of sweetened tea and some biscuits, possibly accompanied the reading of a newspaper - or, in this case, some vintage sweater patterns that I wasn't able to resist and bought off ebay the other day.

Not that I'm knitting tight-fitting sweaters for myself anytime soon. ;-)

Instead, I have a day of sewing planned for today. I have a Roman blind to finish for the bedroom, which is finally ready to be inhabited! D put on the last coat of oil paint on the window yesterday morning and as soon as the nasty paint smell has somewhat evaporated we will finally move out of our dusty hovel of a bedroom. Right now it looks so crisp and clean that I feel almost sorry to disturb the harmony of the simple and clear lines:

I have also decided to sew another bag - this time of my own design if you can call it that. It's a simple bag with a classic messenger bag look to it, or at least that is what I am envisioning.

In terms of bean preparations, the imminent change in our room situation, brought on by the finishing of the bedroom, also spurred me into action to do something about the huge pile of baby clothes, blankets, sheets, etc. waiting to be washed. Can you imagine that I spent all day yesterday washing baby clothes? And that it's still not quite done?! As D put it, while shaking his head in disbelief: "How many clothes can one tiny lad need?!" I'm pretty sure the answer to that one would be: "not nearly as many as we have for him."

They do look pretty on that washing line, though, don't they?

The reason for the slightly out-of-control baby clothes situation is that a few days ago a friend of ours came round with two huge black binbags full of baby clothes - all for boys, all for newborns. They are beautiful and nearly new clothes and we were of course more than grateful to accept. It has me wondering, though - sure, she has three little boys, but it's not like she had them all at the same time and would have needed three times the amount of chothes. Even if you buy something new now and then, how do you amass such a huge quantity of baby wear? Or is something like 40 sleepsuits and an equal amount of shortsleeved body suits not a huge quantity? Am I being naive?

In any case, I was totally overwhelmed, in particular as they are all so pretty! This means that, with the exception of summer clothes, I am washing them all. Now of course D and I have nowhere to put our own clothes, but never mind that... ;-)

Hopefully there will be sewing and possibly even knitting content to show for by tomorrow!


  1. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Babies grow out of things very quickly and you will find that people will give you a lot of gifts of newborn size stuff, so you do end up with a lot. Also, there's the fact that they can get through 3 or 4 changes of clothes in a day!

  2. Anonymous1:48 pm

    Yes, I guarantee that you will use up at least half of these. Oh, and another hint, if the baby is going through a growth spurt and is crying for hours, check to see if the shoes are too small for the baby anymore.

  3. You will very easily use 3 or 4 changes of clothes every day. Easily! Plus, they grow so quickly. It is wonderful that you had a friend who was able to donate so much stuff! You're right, though, it does look lovely hanging on the line.

  4. I love hot tea and biscuits. Or scones. Or, cake. =) Give me tea and something to eat and I'm a happy girl indeed!

    The other commenters are right--you'll be so glad to have all of those clothes when the spitting up, blowing-out and other stuff starts happening. You'll be shocked at how much dirty laundry that little one produces, really! But it is all so worth it.

  5. You'll be amazed at how many times you'll change his clothes and your top at the beginning. And the laundry. But I swear, you'll survive and you'll enjoy every minute of it!

  6. Ooh how lovely! My daughters are a little past that stage now, but I do miss seeing the little teeny clothes on the washing line. Looking forward to beanie arriving! When are you due?

  7. Anonymous7:46 pm

    You'll be pleased to find that you won't have so many blow-outs with cloth diapers. You may have to wash poo off the diaper cover but you won't end up with poo all the way up baby's back or down its legs as with disposables. :)

    I agree though, you can go through many outfits a day. My tip about fussy babies: Make sure there isn't a hair stuck to the inside of their clothing. :)

    I ended up with a lot of baby things, some were gifts and some were found at rummage sales. I am just now having to regularly purchase items of clothing for my children, at ages almost 2 and 4. I would never have bought so many new baby things at once for my kids, but when I would find a rummage sale with like-new clothing at $.25 or $.50 I picked up a lot. I can see how it would look like we had gone overboard if someone peeked in and thought we purchased everything we had though.

  8. Anonymous10:43 pm

    I am still giving stuff away and hamish is 4 now....people give away a lot of stuff cause they grow so quickly....

    I remember having heaps of those suits ready and when Kaela was born (she was our first) Steve and I were so nervous about putting her little teeny tiny arms through the sleeves that we abandoned them for a couple of weeks till we had the hang of it.

  9. The memories the clothes line full of shirts and sleepers brings back to my "baby boy" is less than two weeks away from flying the coop to go to college. Enjoy the days of baby bean, savor the toddler years because as everyone will tell you, but you will have to find out for yourself, it all flies by so darn quickly. (sniff, sniff) Oh...and reveal in that original "baby" know the one right after they bath and are just so sweet and fresh. Emjoy!

  10. definately save ALL the baby clothes... I recall the days, here and there, when my daughters went thu 4-5 changes of clothes in one day. :-) (especially the little sleep nappies) You know, leaky diapers etc. You'll be so totally glad that you have them all!

  11. i love your teacup!

  12. Surpassed only by sparkling white cloth nappies hanging in the sunshine :)

    My son is almost 8 months and I keep thinking, maybe just one more (I have 4 children).

    Don't overdo it with the jam-making etc. (been busy with that here too), I can't remember when your baby is due, but you don't want to be overdoing it (and it's easy for that to start to happen once you go into nesting overdrive).

  13. Tea and chocolate dipped oatcakes are my favourite. You sound in very good spirits and well-prepared for the changes you're about to face. I'm so excited for you!

  14. Anonymous8:52 pm

    I find myself at the bottom of a laundry moutain! Baby clothes, burp clothes and baby blankets! Oh MY!

  15. I ended up with a ton of baby clothes too. First of all people give you lots of hand me downs, and there are the gifts. It just adds up.

  16. Anonymous11:04 am

    It's amazing how quickly they grow out of clothes. We were given lots of clothes when we had our first, Mia, then Esme has worn them and once she grows out of them they are passed onto a friend for her little baby. You will definately use a lot of those outfits, it's amazing how much mess such a little thing can make.
    I'm feeling clucky again seeing that photo.

  17. hiya,

    am still in land of living, though not blogland... have sent you email re: swap.

    Hope we are still in it!