Wednesday, September 20, 2006

We're on! The deadline was on Sunday, and the matches went out yesterday evening. If you haven't received your match, please let me know asap - it's entirely possible that I managed to miss somebody out!

How I matched people up:

Entirely by chance, with some little tweaking to accommodate things like cat hair allergies and not wanting to ship internationally.

All your names went onto little bits of paper, were folded, mixed, and then set out in a line. I then made a note of the order and double-checked to make sure that there weren't any obvious mismatches, such as obvious cat-lovers with 5 cats sending parcels to people with cat allergies and the like, although I cannot guarantee for how well I have succeeded with this as not everybody might post about their pets... If you have cats and have ended up with someone who is allergic and think you may not be able to keep the cats away from the fabric, please let me know as soon as possible so I can try to change things around.

Other than that, I left the matches exactly how they happened to be - I think it's fun to 'meet' people through chance encounters like that. :-)

As a reminder:

Deadline for the sending of the parcels: End of October 2006

Swap rules: HERE

ETA: This is a secret swap - I have not told anyone who will be gifting them (although for myself it was kind of unavoidable ;-)). This is not to say that you can't contact your swap partner. Send them an email or leave a comment on their blog to say Hi! or to ask any questions, just do so anonymously. You can then reveal your identity through your parcel.

I am really looking forward to this - hopefully it will be fun for everbody!


  1. I received my match! Thanks for your hard work organizing this!

  2. Hey there! I can not find the info. for the one I am to send to...I've looked high and low. Darn it...when you get a chance, can you email it to me again. I hit the adorable quilt shop down in the valley for some fun fabric to send her for the swap.

    Thanks bunches...Sherrill (hugs to the bean)