Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Baa Bonny Belle tagged me for the birthday meme:

The rules are to go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday month and day only. Then post 3 events, 2 births and one holiday that occurred on your birthday, then tag 5 friends.


763 BC - Assyrians record a solar eclipse that will be used to fix the chronology of Mesopotamian history.

923 - Battle of Soissons: King Robert I of France is killed and King Charles the Simple is arrested by the supporters of Duke Rudolph of Burgundy.

1215 - King John of England puts his seal to the Magna Carta.


1843 - Edvard Grieg, Norwegian composer (d. 1907)

1330 - Edward the Black Prince, Prince of Wales (d. 1376)


Roman Empire – ninth and final day of the Vestalia in honor of Vesta

I am not going to tag 5 friends, simply because I fear that since I've been quite busy the last week I'm already quite late with this meme and I won't have time to check in the next few days who has or hasn't already been tagged. So if you so far haven't been, and you like the look of this meme, please consider yourself tagged! :-)

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  1. Anonymous4:04 am

    There were some pretty crazy names back in time - Charles the Simple, Edward the Black Prince...!