Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Oh what a night (and day)...

Do you see this? That's D and my dad on our doorstep. Yes, like so many other people in Britain, we were flooded on Monday afternoon.

This is what the back garden looked like:

Apparently this hasn't happened in this village in 70 (!) years, so so an old neighbour who has spent all her life here tells us... Isn't it grand that we get to experience such a momentous event in our first year of living here?! My dad is visiting us right now - he feels so privileged that he was here to witness this. ;-)

Fortunately we managed to get most of our possessions upstairs in time - the sofa remained but we put it on a few buckets to keep it out of the water, and some of D's office furniture suffered, but the main damage was done to the flooring. The carpet soaked up the water like a sponge, and I have no idea how things look underneath the tiles in the hall and kitchen... There is also some damage to walls and skirting boards and the like. We'll see what the insurance company makes of it all.

On the bright side, and to leave you with something more pretty to look at than drains water in a garden, a while ago I FINISHED THE BABY CARDIGAN ON TOOTHPICKS! I have finally got round to photographing it so here it is:

I am so happy with it! I'm even pretty happy with the seaming, and that is something that usually goes wrong for me! Not that I would necessarily knit this again, but I am glad I made the effort. :-)


  1. Oh my goodness - how awful! I do hope there isn't too much damage. You seem to be taking it in great spirit - I'm sure I'd be in bits (though what good would that do?!)

  2. Oh no! I'm glad you were able to save most of your possessions, but your poor floors.

    Very cute baby sweater though.

  3. Anonymous4:46 pm

    oh dear! I'm so sorry.

    we were dry but the town flooded and was completely gridlocked for the whole day...

    Hope you get things sorted soon and the sun comes back quickly!!!

  4. Anonymous4:55 pm

    I'm so sorry you're having this flood. (And do I wish we could have some of that rain! We have the opposite problem.)

    Your sweater looks beautiful!

  5. Anonymous11:43 pm

    I was thinking of you the other day when I saw it on the news - we too have had floods and cyclonic winds. But we didn't flood like you - poor thing. At least that will be it for another 70 years - heh heh.

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about this. Glad you managed to save most of your furniture and that you're insured. Most of all, glad you're taking it all very well.
    Such a sweet baby cardi!

  7. Yikes! Yes, very bad timing! We had quite a bit of rain here in the Midlands, but nothing like that! Though apparently we'll be getting it today (looks sunny ATM - fingers crossed!).

    Oh well, at least you are all OK - could have been a lot worse!

  8. Glad you're all OK!

  9. I hope your insurers deal with everything quickly and efficiently. It's so sad sorting out the mess afterwards, but I'm glad you're ok and were able to save most of your stuff.

  10. Anonymous10:22 pm

    I feel so sorry for you!... You certainly take it more calmly than I would... I think it would be my worst nightmare!... I hope that the damage will be limited and that the insurance will be cooperative. Good luck!

  11. Anonymous6:27 am

    Oh no! Hope things are starting to dry out for you and your insurance company is being helpful. Our village roads flooded but our house stayed dry.

  12. So sorry to hear about the flooding! I hope the damage is minimal. My family in Texas is having trouble with a bit of flooding too - and that NEVER happens where they are. Hope you dry out soon!

    Beautiful, beautiful baby sweater!

  13. Oh sweetheart, I am so so sorry to hear that. I cannot even begin to imagine how terrible it must be to be powerless to stop the water from coming in and ruining all of your flooring etc. Good luck in sorting out, I hope that the insurance company are suitably understanding. x