Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Year of Projects Update

Since I've not managed a proper Wednesday update in a couple of weeks now (for various reasons, see my post a few days ago) I thought I'd do a Sunday crafting overview. 

Things are progressing rather nicely, actually. D and I have been watching House of Cards on Netflix, which has given me some time to get on with my many many WIPs and I do in fact have progress to report on all of them.

Do you find that when you have more than one project on the go you get really fixated on one of them for a few days only to then get tired of it and switch to another one that you work on frantically for a few days? This has certainly been my pattern these past couple of weeks. 

Of course I've created a situation that gives me rather a lot of projects to choose from...

For about a week or so now I've been quite focussed on the Weekender Blanket. I might have to re-name it the House of Cards blanket, I've worked on it that much while watching!

My obsessive hexie crocheting has led to good results, though - I've nearly doubled the blanket in size! 

Of course it's still small, but it's reached the width that I'd like it to have so I'm now working on finishing the straight edge so I can then work on its length. 

I've also finished the body of the Eyelet Yoke Sweater. I was rather nervous when I finally cast off and tried it on - after all, without any actual sizing in the pattern, getting the correct size was a bit of an experiment. It seems to have worked out, though. It's a loose fit, but in a good way, and I'm pleased with it. Now on to the boring sleeve knitting...

Liesl is nearly finished. I've  completed one sleeve and I'm about half-way done with the second, so one evening of concentrated work on it will probably get it done.

Because I'm clearly a little bit insane I've also cast on for yet another crochet blanket. We've started working properly on the inside of Matilda now and looking at her I felt that she really needed a blanket of her own.

For a while now I've wanted to crochet a ripple blanket, and I cast on with a few different shades of blue and some white. It's all acrylic, because this is a camping blanket that is probably going to get washed a lot, but I ordered the yarn, Stylecraft Special DK, is lovely and soft and I really like the way this is turning out. I'm using Attic 24's ripple pattern for this.

I've got some other projects on the go, but that's a topic for another blog post. :)

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  1. I love every.single.project!!!! No wonder you hop from one to the other to the next!!!! And I love when a blanket gets to the size that you can sort of pretend it's finished and drape over the back of the sofa!!! (Mine often get stalled at that point, though!!!!!) You've got a PERFECT fit on that eyelet yoke sweater....really really love that one!!!

  2. What a great display of yarny yumminess so many beautiful projects.

  3. You've been incredibly busy. Eyelet yoke really suits you and is looking great - I had a look at the pattern and would never have had the nerve to try it! Love the blanket colours.

  4. They are all coming along so well, soon you will have a whole host of FO's!! Loving the ripple blanket.

  5. Tremendous, wonderful progress. That hexie blanket doesn't look small.

  6. Impressive the hexie blanket is coming along nicely I love all the stunning colours. Eyelet yoke is a dream fit and looks lovely on you, a great delight.

  7. Thank you for linking up with Wool on Sundays! You have a gorgeous collection of projects in progress. I LOVE your hexi blanket and the knitting and ripple are looking very nice too :)

  8. Gorgeous yarn projects. Such pretty colours.


  9. Oh my! Your blanket is epic. :) I am cleaning up wips right now and doing exactly what you mentioned---the past couple of days I have worked hard on a pair of socks and tonight I will probably switch to my scarf. The method works for me as it feels like the projects are fresh.
    I love Liesl-gorgeous color!

  10. Your hexi blanket is gorgeous the eyelet looks good and the ripple lovely colours too!

  11. Wow! You put me to shame! I have lots of WIPs too but I do not make progress like you do...amazing! You look so cute in your sweater and both are coming along just lovely. Your weekender is way bigger than mine. I got hung up on the JAYG so I decided to move to something else for awhile...LOL! And that is how I get so many unfinished projects. I've started a new "finish" something/anything each day. The past 2 days I finished a couple books and today I'm finishing a mirror I painted and you get the idea. Wish me luck and I hope some of your progress rubs off on me! Maybe I should go find House of Cards to seemed to work for you big time!