Friday, May 15, 2015

Thinking about a Link-Up...

As you might have noticed, I'm posting a lot about the allotment. Apart from crafting, gardening is one of my oldest and most cherished loves, and even as a child, when I used to grow beans on my window sill, I loved growing food. I didn't even particularly like beans (or any vegetable) then, but I loved the idea of growing something that you could then eat.

Fast forward many years to now and our little allotment adventure. I love the process of planning for the gardening year, of searching for seeds, then planting and nurturing them, and eventually transplanting them into the plot only to watch them grow and mature there. Yesterday we ate our first lot of Pak Choi, so the veg growing year is officially under way.

While I often post about gardening anyway, I think I'd like to have the allotment to have a more formal place in my blogging world and I am wondering if eventually others might like to share their own adventures in growing things to eat, so I'm starting a link-up. This may be slow, initially, so there might not be much to see beyond my own allotment ramblings, but hopefully eventually this might gather speed and put all us veg and fruit growers and gardening nuts in touch with each other!!

So there you go, these are the guidelines for the my brand-new GROW TO EAT Link-Up. The brief is broad - post about your gardening, but while I certainly won't discourage anyone from sharing shots of their ornamental garden, this is more about the 'working garden'. Do you grow veg? Fruit? Flowers to cut? Then please share your adventures! :)  

I'll be sorting out the linky tool in the next post, which will also be the first official post of the link-up.


  1. Exciting times looking forward to seeing what people grow to eat.

  2. Nice idea, I'd definitely like to read about what people are up to and hopefully gain some ideas for our own allotment. At the moment it's not getting as much tlc as it needs so I really need to make more of a habit of it

  3. I'd definitely read with interest. I tend not to grow vegetables, sticking to salad, tomatoes and soft fruit instead, but I like reading about other people doing so.