Wednesday, May 27, 2015

WIP Wednesday...

You know, when teaching finished a couple of weeks ago I really REALLY thought that things were going to be a bit more calm and less frantic and chaotic. 

Well, um...

This hasn't really happened. Yes, I am less busy at work at the moment, but that is only because I am MORE busy at home. Not only is it half term this week (and since I am for once not teaching I am taking some time to spend with the boys) but the boys have picked up some virus. First it was boy #2. He's not often ill, so we were surprised how this illness threw him. He was off school for a whole week, which just never happens to him (he's the kind of kid who will get a badge at the end of term for 100% attendance). It was an odd sort of bug - at times he was almost OK, but he got several temperature spikes throughout the day that we controlled through meds. When he was finally over the bug I worried that the other boys would get it. When over a week passed and nothing happened I started to relax. 

Well, they've got it now. Boy #3 isn't too bad, although he did run a bit of a fever and now has a nasty cough, but boy #1 has got it really badly. The poor child has been lying on the sofa for 4 days now. Initially it was just the fever, but now he has the cough from hell. I'll take him to the doctor's tomorrow so someone can listen to his chest...

So not only do I have all three boys at home at the moment, two of them are also ill, requiring special attention, plus, boy #2, currently not ill, is bored out of his mind because he'd like to go places. ;)  

All this is conspiring against both knitting time and in particular computer time, meaning that updates have been few and far between. That said, here is an update. :)

I've finished the shell of Roly the Pill Bug.

I'm so happy with how the Noro Silk Garden is working out for this project. The colour changes couldn't be more perfect if I'd deliberately chosen them to come out in that way. And that weird set of mushroom-y colours that, in a garment, always looked like something I'd never wear? Perfect for a bug as it turns out! ;)  

Progress on this has now stalled, because I got to the point when I need to stuff the body and then kitchener stitch the belly up and I needed to order some fiberfill because I don't think the sewing cut-offs that I stuffed Totoro with would work for this one because it needs to stay subtle and soft enough to curl up. 

On the plus side, with Roly on hold I've been making a bit of headway with Black Acer. Progress is still slow, but I've started the cable pattern. I'm a little confused because the order of the different pattern repeats is not all that clear, but I think I've got it right... Or so I hope, but once I've done the first set of repeats and can see the pattern better it should be more obvious if I have it right or not.

I tried hard to get a good shot of Acer, but not only is black really quite tricky to photograph but boy #3 insisted on photobombing every single time I lined everything up. :)

He even got his Spiderman to participate...

I suppose Spiderman is quite photogenic...

There is some minor progress on the Eyelet Yoke and on the Weekender, but I've not had time to photograph either of them. Got to aim to be a bit more disciplined again about taking pictures. 

So there you go, that is my update for the week. 

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  1. Hope your boys are all feeling better soon, I think the spiderman figure looks really good next to the black Acer. I also think the photobombing is brilliant it made me smile and that's always a good thing.

  2. So sorry your boys are ill! I had 3 boys and 1 girl and we never had vacation because it was always used up for "sick time". They never get sick at the same time. No one told us that!
    I love your Roly Pill bug and I've not tried the silk but it is looking lovely on that bug! Ah yes, Spiderman...can we never forget! LOL! Your Black Acer is coming along nicely. For some reason I am not knitting at all. A little crochet and yard work and sewing and painting. It's that time of year when my load doubles. Have a great week anyway!

  3. That Noro's so pretty. Hope your offspring are all healthy soon.

  4. Oh dang, slammed with a bug. Sorry that is cutting in on what seems your spring break. I hope your sons get better and the last son standing stays healthy. You keep healthy too!

  5. Hope your boys are better soon, it's no fun being stuck inside at half term.
    Acer looks great and the pill bug will be lovely, what a perfect yarn?!

  6. Hope your boys are better soon, it's no fun being stuck inside at half term.
    Acer looks great and the pill bug will be lovely, what a perfect yarn?!

  7. bummer about the boys being glad Spiderman didn't catch it, too! He's quite a guy---never seems to age!!! :)