Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Tidy Home Tuesday - in the craft room...

I'm a bit under the weather today. 

It started yesterday morning, with a sore throat, and by the evening the thing had evolved into a fully fleded feverish cold, complete with shivers, achey limbs and a blocked nose. Wonderful.

Dosed up with Iboprofen and Paracetamol I've been able to function this morning, and good job too, as it is the boys' first day back at school! Once they were dropped off I was supposed to work, but have you ever tried to write when your head aches and you can hardly keep your eyes open? 

Instead I decided to accept that I wasn't going to achieve any great intellectual feats today and instead concentrated on tidying and organising. The Flylady focusses on the kitchen this week, but as the busiest room in the house I don't find that the kitchen is neglected a lot. I frequently go through cupboards, and well, the cleaning in that one room is pretty much constant, lol! 

I will, at some point this week, go through the larder to look at things that are past their expiry date, but for today I thought I'd focus on my craft room and office instead. 

I normally love this room, but recently it hasn't seen much love and attention. As a result there were a number of things that have been dumped in here, with the usual excuse of 'oh, I'll tidy that away later...'. 

There isn't actually a lot to show for today, because I focussed the majority of my attention on the cupboards under the eaves, and even tidied up they are not exactly a missed photo opportunity! That said, I have also made sure that some of the clutter that has accumulated over the past few months has a home or has been thrown out and I have tidied up some of the stacks of fabric on the shelves so I could fit more in. 

So here is the obligatory 'after' shot of the central seating area:

If you have been tidying or organising recently too and want to share I'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment and a link so I can visit - it's always more fun when you don't feel you are the only one! ;) 


  1. Looks like a wonderfully inviting space :)

    My last child starts school this Thursday and I'm so looking forward to having the space to myself and some time to get on with all those jobs that you can't really do during the Summer holidays because of little helpers needing entertainment

    1. I do love my office/crafts room. It's right at the top of the house and really light and spaceous. It does occasionally become a bit cluttered, though! ;)

      It's a strange thing when the kids are off to school again, isn't it? One the one hand I'm kind of sad because we had a lovely summer, but it's also good to get some structure back and to catch up with all those tasks that don't really get much attention (or are futile to attempt) while the kids are at home.

  2. Oh boy. Take care of yourself. You know how it is when mum is ill. The whole running of the household gets a bit derailed and such. I'm still adjusting to the me time luxury here. My brother was ill with a sore throat. I told him to boil some water and put lemon, honey, vinegar, and cinnamon in it to drink all day. I've pinned on Pinterest that an Epsom salt bath helps your body detox. I have yet to try that but maybe worth a shot?

    1. Thanks Kepanie. It's a pretty nastly head cold, so I've een drinking milk with honey quite a lot. I may try your water/lemon/honey/vinegar/cinnamon mix, though - it sounds intriguing! xx

  3. There is nothing nicer than a tidy and everything in its place craft room. I am having a purge on windows and carpets at the moment, I am not sure that you see much difference but certainly it smells a whole lot nicer. Hope you are feeling better soon, there seems to be a lot of bugs and virus's around at the moment.

    1. It is lovely isn't it, when it's all tidy and in its place? It makes me antsy when I can't lay my hands on crafts stuff because the room is too disorganised.

      I really should take a couple of weeks to focus on windows and carpets too. I was also thinking of asking a window cleaner to come to do the outside of the windows. We have sash windows, and not all of them even open, so the outside is impossible to clean!