Wednesday, September 23, 2015

WIP Wednesday Project Update

I've joined another CAL.

Yes, I know, I have enough to do as it is, and I'm not even mentioning the 2 (!) partially finished crochet blankets that I am currently working on, but this CAL was just too tempting to pass up.

It's called the Spice of Life CAL and yes, it is another blanket.

What I like about it is that it will work in lines, but with a variety of colours and stitches, so it should be a good stash buster for the selection of acrylic yarns that I bought for the Weekender blanket. The Weekender isn't finished, but because of the amount of colours I doubt that I will use up any of the big 100g and 200g balls that I bought for it and well, I'm unlikely to use acrylic for anything other than hard-wearing family blankets that need to withstand frequent washes. 

Why do I need another blanket, you might ask...

Well, I happen to think that you can never have too many crochet blankets in your life! Seriously, though, our blankets are in constant use. The boys, like us, are blanket fans, and whenever they curl up on the sofa to watch TV or to just sit with us, they will curl up under a cozy blanket. These blankets see a lot of use - they are dragged around the house, they are snuggled up in wherever the boys happen to be, and they even become walls, ceilings and bedding for an infinite number of elaborate dens.

So yes, I do think we can do with yet another blanket! ;)

In other news, I've been steadly working on all projects. A few more rows have been added to Black Acer, but not enough to warrant a photograph. 

Similarly, I've been knitting away on the Boneyard Shawl, but you can't really tell, so again, I'm not  going to bore you with a WIP shot.

I've also re-started work on the Weekender blanket. I've had this on the go for some time, but to be honest, that was always the idea. It's an easy and satisfying project, and one that allows me to take a ball of yarn along with me when I go to the doctor, or take the boys swimming. A little hexie is quickly finished, and once I've collected a few I pull out the blanket and sew them on. It's a long way from finished, but it's reached that critical point when a scrap becomes a blanket, and I've noticed that the boys have started using it as such. ;)

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  1. It really is beautiful, I love the mix of colour. A great blanket.

  2. One hexie at a time soon builds up. I love having a project to take with me. So much waiting around. Your blanket is certainly growing. Great collection of colours.

  3. Oh wow! This blanket looks absolutely gorgeous!

  4. woohoo Spice of Life! I'm busting my stash too, and making it as a birthday gift for a friend, which is how I justified joining in even though I too have a few blankets and other projects on the go ... :) jenny xx

  5. Oh my! I love your weekender blanket, it's so vibrant and bright and your right you can never have enough crochet blankets, similar to your house blankets in our house are used very often and it's good to have a supply on chairs and sofas and spares and they can be flung into the washing machine and see lots of love and wear. Looking forward to seeing the progress on this new blanket.

  6. One could never say you aren't patient. This is one heck of a WIP.

  7. That weekender blanket is amazing. And I look forward to seeing your new Spice of Life blanket take shape.

  8. Agreed, there is no such thing as having too many blankets, especially if they're handmade!!

  9. I agree, you can never have enough blankets. Your weekender basket is fabulous and love how the blanket is actually coming along. I can't wait to see the new one!

  10. Your blanket is gorgeous! So bright and colorful! I'd love to make some blankets, and it seems like a bit of a speedier process with crochet over knitting. Every year I resolve to learn how to crochet... but it hasn't happened yet!